OCC7 : Day 2

After having spent the entire day with my girlfriend (they tend to want some attention from time to time) I arrived at OCC just before midnight on Saturday. You CAN ofcourse dispute whether this will be an accurate report of Saturday or Sunday, but let’s not act difficult, shall we ? I always think of the next day as soon as I’ve gone to bed (and that’s the reason why I haven’t passed the millennium yet… because of all the nights that I didn’t sleep).

Anyways, when I just arrived, I went to my homeboys from COP, where Minne instantly stood up to show me the toilets (yes, I know, I found it strange aswell). They weren’t TOO bad the moment I went there, but I heard from Strikeman (OCC-crew) half an hour later that several toilets were jammed and that people had started throwing up next to the pot. Gamers are pigs. (Next time you’ll have to pay to go to the toilet so that OCC can afford a toilet woman to clean up I hope)

The network was holding fine with good FTP and gaming speeds. The only sad thing was that the amount of possible connections to the main FTP servers was a bit limited,

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but since alot of gamers had brought their own servers and put them next to OCC’s servers (picture) so that they would be on the same high-speed backbone, nobody had any reason to complain.

I don’t know what exactly was going on with the compo’s, but from what I heard it seemed on becoming again a Cx-fest in the Quake-compo’s (although their delegation was only 4 people this time). In any case, the people from CWP were having fun as usual, and even Belgium’s oldest Quaker, Mentje (58 years, picture on the right), was present this time.


Since I arrived a bit late, I saw that several gamers had been exhausted (top left pic) or were sleeping already in the fumes of others’ feet (top right)

Ofcourse, alot of people just don’t know when to stop, but it goes even that far that some want to have some privacy while playing against their favorite female gamer.

A few minutes later I ran into Strikeman (pic), who was rambling about booze that had been stolen (some rare bottles of wine and about 10 bottles of J&B; whiskey, total for about 10.000 BEF that OCC had to pay to the owner of the room) and that gamers are real pigs. Next to that he already gave me some info that the next OCC will probably be for a bigger amount of gamers (so no more 400 gamers limit) and that the next lan can be expected this summer somewhere.

The latest hype that I found was Bridge Builder. About 40% (minimum) of the gamers was playing this pretty basic game and at one point even whole clans were playing it at the same time (although there isn’t a multiplayer option)