Best of 2001

It’s nearing the end of the year, so that calls for a “Best Of”. However, we didn’t quite agree on which games we thought were the best so I’ve decided to give you the top 10 of some of our reviewers (Xeno decided that the amount of good games this year was so small that he rather didn’t put up a top10).

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Anyway, here we go :

Bosjer :

10. Battle Realms : should soften the wait for Warcraft 3. If WC3 is even better than this, it will defenitely kick ass. The only negative point on this game is the close view. Otherwise it would have gotten alot higher in my ranking

9. Diablo 2:Lord of Destruction : Nice excuse to replay Diablo 2. Still fun and now defenitely with 800*600

8. Red Faction : good FPS without getting compelled by the story. Was alot of fun to play

7. Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Although less good than expected it still rocks

6. Settlers 4 : I’ve always been a Settlers fan. Extremely nice to have your settlers do things while you scroll around, enjoying the graphics.

5. Severance : Blade of Darkness : Decapitating your opponent’s head with heavy weapons and great graphics. Too bad it’s sometimes a bit too difficult

4. Oni : Very fun game. Nice to play like in the old Double Dragon days. Great moves and nice weapons.

3. Max Payne : Need an explanation ? Don’t think so

2. Alien vs. Predator 2 : read my review to know why I like it 🙂

1. Red Alert 2:Yuri’s Revenge : Red Alert 2 is in my Top 5 of all time and I’ve just eaten this mission pack. Next to FPS, Real-Time strategy is my favorite genre.

Daffy : 

10. FIFA 2002 : just luuuuuvvvv the gameplay + addictive

9.Comanche 4 : Best helicopter flight sim ever. Not that hard

8. Black & White : Very decent game, a bit overhyped though

7. Empire Earth : Extremely big game, just a bit less good than Battle Realms

6.Alien vs. Predator 2 : Brings back the atmosphere of the movies. Very very creepy

5. Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge : Pure Gameplay in both single and multiplayer

4. Commando’s 2 : Perfect. Just a bit too difficult maybe

3. Battle Realms : Superior Strategy

2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Brings back the old FPS atmosphere

1. Max Payne : Sublime in all aspects

Speed :

10. Black & White : Very much overhyped but it defenitely showed that there still can be games that are unlike anything we’ve seen before

9. Operation Flashpoint : A very good realistic tactical shooter

8. FIFA 2002 : still the best soccer game ever

7. Alien vs. Predator 2 : Monolith’s latest try in the arena of first person shooters and a defenite hit

6. Red Alert 2:Yuri’s Revenge : This add-on for Red Alert 2 brought some interesting new units and features that gave the original game a second life

5. Severance:Blade of Darkness : The best hack’n’slash role playing game of the year. Nothing more to say about it

4. Serious Sam : a budget title that brought back nostalgic feelings about the early hectic FPS days

3. Ghost Recon : defenitely the best tactical shooter currently available

2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Great atmosphere and graphics. Nostalgia all around.

1. Max Payne : This game brought back something we had all almost forgottten : The Single Player Experience. Max Payne gave us something we never thought we would play again : a single player game with great gameplay, story, graphics and features.

So, now that you know which games we individually liked, it’s time to give you the 4 games that Fragland officially counts as best games of 2001 :

4. Alien vs. Predator 2
3. Red Alert 2:Yuri’s Revenge
2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
1. Max Payne