Make sure you know what you are getting into

Looking to supplement your income?

In times like today, it is not uncommon to keep looking out for newer opportunities. There is a world of possibility for anyone who cares to try. They stay, “fortune favors the brave.”

Being realistic:

Now, being brave will not mean that you put your all at stake and try and make decisions that defy logic. An investor’s bravery is never in his recklessness but in his informed choice and decision.

To be able to read and research enough and to be able to determine exactly what the person needs to or is getting into is what would tantamount to his bravery.

There are big sharks out there:

In case you are looking to invest in the online trading market then we have some kind words of caution for you. There are hounds waiting in sheep’s clothing ready to pounce on you in case you are not well read and do not know their ways you can become an easy victim to their amazing marketing skills.

Let me tell you my personal experience:

About a year ago, I was in dire need of supplementing my income and I was looking at various ways I could help myself. I happened to come across this program called Fintech Ltd which promised me that if I opened a trading account with them I could well become a millionaire in less than three months. I was so sure that this is not going to be it but god knows what went into my mind and I whimsically connected my bank account with the program.

The account was for $250!

The bank’s message put me off because it announced unequivocally that $350 was debited from my account whereas the account on the software program confirmed that it had withdrawn only $250. I checked on the internet and to my horror I found a lot of people complaining about the same thing.

I immediately tried for withdrawal:

The process of withdrawal was so complicated that I decided to wait till morning. Little did I know that till morning there would be no cash to actually withdraw!

The balance in six hours was zero!

In the morning, the program showed my balance to be zero because it said that on my behest the automated bot had traded and lost all my money. But the worst of it all was that I had not even instructed the bot to proxy trade on my behalf.

That was the last I had of programs such as this:

I agree that there may be genuine programs but I am done with them. There is no way anyone can actually talk e into investing with them.