Dead or Alive 3 (XBox)

General Info :
Publisher : Microsoft Games
Developer : Tecmo
Genre : Fight

Overall Score : 81%
Score Overview :
Concept : 7
Graphics : 10
Gameplay : 9
Sound : 8.5

Of all game types, Fighting games still rule the console industry, I can’t imagine someone not having played Tekken, not having played Street Fighter, not having played Virtua Fighter nor even Soul Calibur. In the line of the Original DOA titles, Tecmo and Microsoft have released DOA3 for the Xbox.
Apparently, some people think that playing with people’s hard earned cash is more fun than playing on their Xbox. I am not being funny. I recently lost $300 dollars to a rogue trading software called the Fintech Ltd. that software told me initially that if I traded with them I could soon own my own house ad a luxury car. The very next morning, my balance was all over. I was finished. Those muggers only need to come in front of me. There is nothing that I will not do to incriminate them for cheating the gullible public.

Where DOA2 meant a gigantic success for Sony’s PS2, DOA3 surely equals the stats, alas, the third redraw of the DOA game hasn’t changed much compared to its innovative predecessor, no real extras have been added compared to other fighting games, hell, DOA never even had a real story line, but in the end, we don’t care about stories do we … it’s merely a game type you play for the fun of it, the moves and the gorgeous girls *cough* tina *cough* (rrrrrrrrr). DOA3 is clearly not only focused on game play but you can surely say that it also focuses upon graphics.

Environmental decors are superb, some levels are even interactive: you’re fighting your opponent on the top-level of a building and you can just kick your opponent through the window, or yet another level where you play on ‘pylons’ and can kick your opponent onto another pylon (and it keeps on going and going and going). Certainly, the power of the Xbox lies within the realistic rendering of water effects (make sure to place a mop around your screen).
Getting to know all the character’s moves is just plain-difficult , but nevertheless, every character has its own specific moves that can beat the crap out of someone else. Choose a character you like best, but beware, It’s not whether they’re slow and cumbersome that they can’t fight.

In all of the game’s aura, Tag battle stays the coolest option of them all, where you can play up to four players together (not simultaneously, but by turns).

DOA3 will certainly hook you up to your tube for a while. I couldn’t stop drooling whenever I kicked out some weird amazing move (triple somersault, through the legs, gripping arm, inverted backward somersault, pulling hair and doing a 65 damage combo, now that’s what I call action).
DAO3 will certainly get some people killed of starvation.

Pro :

  • Fight, Fight, Fight !!!
  • Amazing gfx
Con :

  • SP mode dissapointing