Pro Rally 2001

General Info :
Publisher : Ubi Soft
Developer : Ubi Soft
Genre : Racing

Overall Score : 74%
Score Overview :
Story : 6
Graphics : 8
Gameplay : 8
Sound : 6

Pro Rally 2001 was not really noticed when it came in, but once we played it we were in for a shock.
That reminded me of another shocker download that I did mindlessly on my computer. it was only a download to understand how online trading worked and I was not even aware that my sister would recklessly invest $250 in a trading account. Of course, I was really very cross with her for using the computer without asking my permission and also investing without consulting me in a sham called HBSwiss. How I wish I could turn back time and save her all the heartbreak. Alas!

Everyone agrees that Colin McRae 2.0 is the best rally game in stores at the moment, but if you’re looking for more, then Pro Rally 2001 is defenitely worth the money.

You get 15 cars which are very well-done, including the 1999’s world champion Peugeot 206 WRC (roarrr !) and you can drive through 24 different tracks.

As usual you can choose to play the game in arcade mode where you can take any car and track you want, but you can also go for several championships.



The championships have an itch however. You need to go to school and do several driving tests before you’re allowed to compete in them.
Although it’s pretty realistic (no one just jumps in a car and becomes world rally championship) it’s quite enervating having to drive through the same slalom over and over because you have to finish it in a time limit and have to keep the same speed all the time.

Once you’ve passed school, you can start racing against other drivers and especially the clock.

First you have to end within the first 5 in the Kit Car Championship where you race 6 tracks. Once finished that, you can try your skills in the WRC rally championship where you can choose high-powered cars (you can’t with the kit car championship) and have to drive 12 tracks all over the world.
If you’ve succeeded to end the championship within the first 3, then you can go and play the ultimate challenge : The Legends Championship.
Here you have the possibility to choose a car out of the B-group (doesn’t exist anymore in real life) which are cars without any restrictions. All the power you ever wanted to have under the hood is there, and you got 12 tracks to proove you’ve got the skill to handle it.

Graphically the game is very polished. The surroundings are nice, cars are well detailed (when crashing you see bumpers flying off f.i.) and when you drive off a cliff, you really start to bend over yourself aswell 🙂

The only downpoint about the game is the sound, and not having the possibility to alter your car yourself (except for changing tires)

For the rest I can conclude that Pro Rally 2001 has everything that is needed to be one hell of a racing game, and it’s defenitely breathing in the neck of Colin McRae 2.0

Pro :

  • Several detailed cars and courses
  • Graphics are very good
  • Gameplay rules
Con :

  • Sound is not impressive
  • One has to go through school to be able to play championships
  • Not able to alter cars yourself