F1 Racing Championship

General Info :
Publisher : Ubi Soft
Developer : Ubi Soft
Genre : Racing

Overall Score : 75%
Score Overview :
Story : 6
Graphics : 9
Gameplay : 6
Sound : 9

Everyone will probably agree with me that Ubi Soft has never been a publisher with a big name like Activision or Electronic Arts. Lately, however, they’ve been releasing some pretty good racing titles that can easily keep up with the competition.
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A while ago, we were a bit surprised of the quality of Ubi Soft’s latest rally game “Pro Rally 2001”, so we were eager to find out wether they would remain the same quality with their new F1 racer F1 Racing Championship.

And to be honest : they have.
You get all the drivers of the latest F1 season, including ofcourse their cars, and you can fine-tune as much as you like (or not).




The game is very well-polished with great graphics and realism is the main thing in this game. Therefor, when you drive, be sure not to hit the other cars too much because you might see one of your tires flying away, even with the rubber being blown to pieces.

You can tune the game to your needs a much as you want, as long as you keep it realistic. You can have the steering as sensitive as you want, skip training rounds and instantly start driving a race or championship, and even turn the end podium on or off.




One thing that you shouldn’t forget though, is that the realism part goes very far. Where other F1 racers can have steering help or even allow you to play the game as an arcade racer, F1 Championship is even difficult on beginner level.

Don’t try to go through the curves with your tires screaming like hell because that wouldn’t be realistic. You’ll probably just end up in the pits or do a few spins.

The sound is equal to the rest of the game : very well-done. While driving you hear your engine screaming when you go into high rpm, and even when you do a full brake, you hear your engine “popping” (like with the real F1 cars).

Overall, the game is very good and Ubi Soft has done one hell of a job to keep up with the competition. If only the beginner level would have been a little easier, F1 Championship would have ruled them all.

Pro :

  • Neat graphics
  • Realistic
Con :

  • Difficult, even on beginner level
  • Less possibilities than other F1 racers