Evil Islands

General Info :
Publisher : Ubi Soft
Developer : Fishtank interactive
Genre : Role Playing Game

Overall Score : 74%
Score Overview :
Story : 7
Graphics : 7.5
Gameplay : 8
Sound : 6

Evil Islands, the curse of the lost souls claims to be a mix between a RPG and a RTS. Let’s see if they succeeded?
You start the game when you awake at the center of some ruins. You don’t know who you are or what you have to do and your memory is a total blank. Although after a few steps walking, some people around you run away shouting : “the chosen one, the chosen one!”. So you are the chosen one named Zak and that’s the begin of it all.



The first “level” is a tutorial which explains the basic aspects of the game and the interface.

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This is a little boring but it comes out pretty handy when you know what to do in certain situations. You learn how to fight, crouch, sneak, etc. Your first quest is to follow the running people to the village, that’s where the game actually starts. When doing that you encounter some beast and the tutorial explains how to handle it. Then you arrive at the village.

The village has some problems and guess who is the man to solve them..Yes, the chosen one. In this village you receive quests and when completed you will receive experience points. With these you can buy skills and spells. This is nothing new. We’ve seen this in other RPG’s and I have a remark here : The quests you receive are straight forward. I mean you have to complete a quest before, once you completed it, the game continues. Also it isn’t difficult to find the solution to a quest. Let me give you an example. One of the first missions is to kill a white wolf. You have the map and on the map is a spot where to find, marked with a cross. To complete the quest you have to scare away a few boars so the surrounding wolfs run after them, clearing the path is to attack the white wolf. Also you get a hint that you can sneak up to the wolf and backstab him. Hey, where is the fun to find these hints by yourself?




A cool feature of the game is the possibility to create weapons with blueprints you make along the way. While completing your quests you find items and with these items you can make you own weapons. So you collect the recourses and make weapons for you and your party. This is like a RTS. You collect resources and decide which weapons you make and what they have to do.




Let’s discuss the game.

The story is not very original, you are the one, the chosen one, the hero.

Gameplay: The interface is good, you have complete control over your character. When you fight you have the option to pause the game and give orders to your characters.

It would have been nice if you had some way to control your actions in a fighting sequence but now you just have to click on the enemy and that’s it. A good thing though, is the realistic hit locations. When a enemy wounds you on the arm, the arm is slowed. There is also the critical hit possibility, the damage given is much more than a normal hit. Even the enemy can give critical hits so beware when you fight, you are not invincible. Make sure you save often!

Sound: The in-game sound isn’t impressive. It doesn’t create the feeling of being in the game, but the cut-scenes are fully spoken so that’s good. Another good thing is that the chosen one is a bit of an arrogant guy. This make some scenes quite funny.

Graphics: the game is completely in 3D so you can rotate in every angle and position to have the best view of your party. The graphics aren’t the best but they aren’t that bad either.

Conclusion: you get yourself a nice RPG with some RTS tactics. The game is pretty addictive after you’ve gotten a bit powerful. And they also claim you have for more then 100 hours pure pleasure.


Pro :

  • Weapon creation
  • RPG with RTS
Con :

  • straight forward quests
  • bad in-game sound