Yuri’s Revenge

General Info :
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Developer : Westwood
Genre : RTS

Overall Score : 84%
Score Overview :
Concept : 8
Graphics : 8
Gameplay : 9
Sound : 8

Yuri’s Revenge starts where Red Alert 2 ended.
The war is over and peace florishes again over the earth… but not for long.
Yuri, the sick and psychotic Soviet traitor, is not dead and wants to dominate the whole world with you being our only chance to stop him !


Yuri has spread dozens of Psychic Dominators all over the world and since you don’t have time to destroy them all, you’re in luck that Einstein has created a device which allows you to go back in time and stop Yuri before he’s had the chance to spread his dreaded machines.

That’s the simple introduction to the first official add-on

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for Command&Conquer; Red Alert 2:Yuri’s Revenge. You go back in time, get to see old friends again that died in RA2, kick Yuri’s butt and save the world.

Since you need Red Alert 2 to be able to play this add-on we’re not going to tell you how the game feels and plays since that’s practically the same.
We will tell you the differences with the original games though 🙂


The game starts at a higher level than with RA2. Don’t expect the first missions to be as easy as the first ones of Red Alert 2, making you feel like you’re going to be in one hell of a difficult game. Don’t be discouraged however, once you see how the computer acts, you’ll soon find out that Yuri’s Revenge doesn’t get much more difficult than the original.

First of all, there are the new buildings.
Civilian power plants, machine shops (that make your tanks auto-repair), hospitals (that make your soldiers auto-repair) and secret tech labs (be able to create units you normally couldn’t) are there for the take by your engineers.
Also a new feature is the Force Shield which is extremely nice if you are under heavy attack and need to protect a building. The only disadvantage of this shield is that your whole base will be out of power while the shield is up.
Nothing in Yuri’s Revenge has only positive things 🙂


New units are plenty available.

Allied forces now have Guardian GI’s that are an excellent defense force against tanks, Navy SEALs who act like Tania but less effective, robot tanks who cannot be put under control by Yuri’s psychic forces and the Battle Fortress that can transport troops and destroy enemy vehicles by driving over them.
Also a new feature are the country-specific units like paratroopers, grand cannons (excellent defense), Black Eagle airplane, Tank Destroyers and snipers.

The Soviets now have their own Tania type soldier called Boris (yep, originality strikes again ;p), Siege Choppers, Spy Plane (they don’t have a spy satellite like the Allieds to overview the whole map) and the Industrial Plant which effectively decreases the cost of Soviet units.
Other new Soviet troops are the Tesla tank (electrocution on the move), Demolition truck (a truck completely packed with dynamite – excellent for blowing up buildings), terrorists and desolators (that can create a new Tsjernobyl anywhere you want)


A new force in Yuri’s Revenge is of course the troops of Yuri himself and be warned that they are not always easy to defeat.
I’m not going to give a full overview of all his available units and buildings, but telling you that they are a combination of mind control, brute force and the developers’ twisted idea of alien technology (yes, even UFO’s make their appearance) should give you a good idea on what to expect 🙂

Although in single player you will mostly fight against Yuri’s forces, Westwood didn’t forget that the Soviets don’t like the allies that much so you’ll be able to do some fighting amongst each other aswell.
In multiplayer you’ll of course be able to play with Yuri’s troops too.

To extend the life of this add-on, Westwood didn’t just put new units in the game, but also added a few new features for multiplayer mode.


You can now do a quick co-op game with another human player againts 2 computer opponents or choose to do a game of Team Alliance which has the advantage that it is specifically created for teamplay with with special maps and allies being in each other’s close proximity.

For people that want to play to get into the rankings at Westwood online, Westwood made it so that only Quick Match now generates points for the ranking.

Overall, Yuri’s Revenge is an add-on that you cannot go without if you’re into this type of games or just loved Red Alert 2.

Pro :

  • New Units rock!
  • Good Storyline
  • Well-balanced units. New units are cool but not immediately better than original ones
Con :

  • AI not really improved