Car Tycoon (Preview)

General Info :
Publisher : Fishtank Interactive Developer : VectorCom

Genre : Strategy
Thanks to Speed, I got the opportunity to polish up my knowledge

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of the German language. He asked me to do a quick preview of Car Tycoon. No problem until I noticed that the installation program was all in German. The rest of the game also of course. Where did I put that German translation dictionary? So if you are wondering why all the screenshots are in German, that’s the answer. But don’t worry, there will be an English version when it’s released.




As if there aren’t enough tycoon games yet, Fishtank Interactive is planning to release another one : Car Tycoon. This time you have to sell cars! There are two modes in the game, one with scenario’s where you have to reach a certain goal (e.g. first to sell 150 cars, first to have a total company value higher than 2mil, etc). The second mode is the Sand Box : you just play, no specific goal, just sell cars. The only option is the begin date you can set, from 1950 to 2000.
You start of with the blueprints for all parts for 2 car types. Each car has 4 components : the engine, the chassis, the interior and the car body. In that way you can start manufacturing cars right away. But if you want to keep selling cars, you’ll have to do some R&D.; First to improve your current car types, but also for the 5 other types, for a total of 7 (small, medium and large sedan, convertible, sport, pickup and van). For each you’ll have to design new engines, chassis, interior and car body. And because the customers wants new models on a regular basis, you’ll have to start over every other year. Luckily you also have the option to buy it from a specialized company to save you some time. Not money, because the price is almost the same.




In the beginning you have only one factory and one showroom. The factory can build only one car type at the time. So, if you want to build several car types, you’ll need multiple factories, or you have to switch the production. The showrooms vary in size and can sell from 2 to 4 different car types.
The problem is that you can’t build factories or showrooms yourself. The landscape is completely fixed, with all the buildings already in place. I think it’s the same engine as Traffic Giant. Some of those buildings don’t have an owner yet. At random intervals the city will hold an auction to sell a building. If you want the building, you can enter your bid. When all buildings are sold, there is no expansion possible and you’ll have to manage with the buildings you’ve got.




For the rest you have the normal things, like banks and advertising companies. And for those who want to, it is even possible to play with the stock market.
For now, we have to wait until the translation is finished.