Aliens vs Predator 2

General Info :
Publisher : Fox Interactive (and Sierra)
Developer : Monolith Productions
Genre : First Person Shooter

Overall Score : 91%
Score Overview :
Concept : 9.5
Graphics : 8
Gameplay : 9.5
Sound : 9
Movies and games, not always the best way of having a good time if both are combined. Sometimes they do get it right though: Aliens VS Predator 1 was a good game so they say. I never really played it much, I played as alien and all the time I ended where I started, with his �crawling on walls and ceilings and not knowing where you are anymore�-syndrome which made me nuts.
In the beginning I had the same feeling about this game.
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Until I played it on a lan against a friend. It was great fun jumping around as an alien and using my claws to tear him apart in the �Hunt� mode. That made me want to play the single player part and I still love it.AlienAs an alien you start out as a face-hugger that needs to find a host, no attacking here, just crawling around looking for your victim and making sure nobody sees you. If they see you or if you attack a person that is not alone you�re toast.
After finding your host and popping out of his body it�s time to feed and become the bad-ass alien you need to be to end this plague of disgusting humans polluting your home planet.


Eating a cat will do the trick and the one-man show can begin.
And that�s exactly what it is, although aliens are fast, smart and strong you are the only one that can stay alive. Your other alien friends (you won�t see many) die a useless dead trying to attack some turrets that you destroy with ease.


As for the weapons it�s quite simple, u ain�t got any except for your claws and tail. With your claws you rip them apart and your tail slaps them silly for a few seconds. Health is recovered by eating your enemies, aiming your cursor at their head will make you eat it with a nice animation (although it gets boring after eating like 100 heads) the other way is to tear the bodies apart with your claws to gain more health. Then for the �crawling on walls and ceilings and not knowing where you are anymore�-syndrome: it�s great fun, maybe they improved it since the previous game or maybe I just got used to it. But if you do it relaxed and not too fast you still know (kinda) if you�re upside down or on a wall. The little triangles on the top, bottom or side of your screen tell you in what position you are.


You�ll have to face humans most of the time. But predators like to hunt aliens, so you�ll be facing some of these guys as well. They are tougher than their human companions because of their strength and homing energy weapons. A fast pounce at them and some showing of with your claws does the trick though. Pouncing is superb, jumping long distances but not very useful to attack enemies cause they are completely wasted if u use it against them, thus no body left for you to eat.


The game looks nice, but you won�t see much of that being an alien, the levels are so dark you use your nightvision 95% of the time. It�s a pity cause without nightvision everything looks really nice (if it isn�t too dark) and you can see some sort of aura around humans and predators so you can spot them from miles away.


The predator is on a rescue mission, his friends were captured by marines while they were hunting some aliens and decapitating a marine here and there. That�s the coolest part of playing a predator: separating your opponents� head from their body. The demonic laughter he makes when you decapitate a marine with his speargun is very entertaining to say the least (gets boring really fast too however).


Although the national predator sport is killing aliens they now had to change their ways because the humans just had to take over the alien homeworld. The marines can hardly defeat the aliens and now they even have to deal with enemy n�1 of those slimy creatures.


The predator has many advantages over the marines : he can at any time regenerate his energy and transfer energy to health, he has a cloaking mode, 3 different vision modes: nightvision, alien-detect-vision and his notorious human-detect-vision.
Needless to say the marines got their asses kicked.


Some levels are like a 3d-version of Mario Bros where you have to jump from the one platform to the other� vertically. The predator has some mad jumping skills, only useful to complete these platform parts though. The weapons verify from close combat weapons, like his hands, to energy weapons. A nice touch is the netgun to capture your opponents. They are trapped inside a net, but they can get out of it using their claws (aliens) or just struggling hard enough to get loose (humans), it�s not very useful because most of the time you�ll have to deal with hordes of aliens or a group of marines. Fooling around with scientists is the best way to use the netgun.


The only obstacles that will make it difficult for the predator are the turrets that like to make predator-toast and the quest for �what the hell am I supposed to do in this part of the level� and then finding out you overlooked a stupid switch to open or destroy something.


Playing the marine was fun too but on another level. It�s just your basic shooter with all the weapons you already saw before in other games. The only difference is that it has atmosphere and a story that keeps you going.


The gameplay is spiced up with some scripted events that work very well. Predators blowing up bridges from a high platform, bodies falling from a hill, bodies being dragged inside a tunnel,�


As with the two other characters the marine has a nightvision mode and is the only one with a radar. The beeping of that thing can make you nervous at times. However using the nightvision will drain a lot of your battery (one that recharges automatically when you put your light or nightvision out) and makes the radar go away.
There is one weapon that is quite useful for the marine: the smartgun, which automatically locks on to the aliens so you only have to press �shoot�.




This game was great fun with all three characters although playing the alien was the most fun. The soundeffects and music were nice and never bothered me. The graphics were good, not the best I�ve ever seen, but certainly not bad. It�s a very dark game and relies on its atmosphere. And what an atmosphere it is.

Funny is that you see parts of the storyline of other characters in yours. As a marine I had to go to the animal depot. The same depot I went as a kid-alien to eat a cat to become big and strong. I really felt sorry for the little guy having to kill him as I saw him sneaking by, I knew how much trouble it cost me when I was in that part of the mission. If he didn�t attack me I�d surely let him pass to eat that cat.
As a predator I was trapped and saw a marine saving me, as a marine I saved a trapped predator. And so on.
It�s the little details that make this game a winner. I loved it and I hope they ever include the predalien as a character cause that bad ass really rocks in multiplayer.

Pro :

  • Great atmosphere
  • Multiplayer fun
  • Three games in one
Con :

  • Too much platform hopping with the predator