Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

General Info :
Publisher : Ubi Soft
Developer : Red Storm
Genre : Tactical First Person Shooter

Overall Score : 85.5%
Score Overview :
Concept : 9
Graphics : 9.5
Gameplay : 8
Sound : 8
The Russian ultranationalists have taken control and are kicking ass. As Uncle Sam’s finest, you have to step in and save the day !

That’s about the idea behind Ghost Recon, the latest tactical shooter coming from Red Storm Entertainment.

Russian ultranationalists have taken control over Russia and are invading ex-Soviet Union states like Ukraine and such. Since those states don’t have much intelligence, your squad of “Ghosts” has to come in and get rid of the Red Terror and save democracy.


The game itself is pretty straight-forward. You have to eliminate enemies, rescue pilots, engage on hostile forces or protect friendly neighbourhoods in 15 single player missions (each mission consisting of various sub-missions)

You’ll have plenty of realistic weapons to choose from but the enemy doesn’t always give you a fair chance.

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In the third mission for instance you have to protect your HQ with some bazooka’s while they’re coming at you with a whole army including tanks. No sir, nobody ever said Ghost Recon is an easy game 🙂

For every mission you have to assemble a team and arm them (you can choose to have them be auto-assembled) after you had a nice briefing on what needs to be done. Once you’ve set up your men you start the mission.


During the mission you’ve got 3 people under your command and make sure you don’t go walking straight to the combat field unless you want to be sure of a sudden death. Tactics is the keyword here.

That means of course hiding behind trees, trying to find where the enemy is located and then crawl into firing range to give them that nice clean headshot for an instant kill.

The single player part of the game has some nice edges; you can take control of each character at any time but you can also have them giving you cover while you start doing most of the killing.

When you’re not in control of a character, he’ll follow you whereever you go but that can sometimes be a pain in the ass. They don’t always understand that you turn around and want to go the other way so they’ll just stand there in your way. Of course they’re not complete idiots so if you’re under fire; you’ll hear them shooting at the enemy and even kill one from time to time while you’re busy doing other “important stuff”.

When your character dies, you’ll automatically switch to another team member which gives you the opportunity to know where your enemy is located and kill the bitch instantly. If that other team member is close to you of course. Sometimes your teammate will be still at the base, making that you’ll have to snipe all the way back to where you were before which can be pretty annoying.


The controls and main hud of the screen are pretty straight-forward and easy to use although the indicator on where your enemies are located isn’t always of much use (when the enemy is near, it will show red in the middle, being of no use at all)

Unlike in Operation Flashpoint, however, I never got killed without knowing where the enemy was which I think is a great improvement. There’s nothing I hate more than getting killed without knowing who killed me and where he is (which was often the problem in Flashpoint).

The graphics are very clear and detailed although you need a pretty heavy machine if you want to turn on all details.

The sound is realistic with birds whistling in the calm summer afternoon until you of course get shot at. Then the birds will fly away and probably get shot by some hunter or something, the main thing is that after the shooting starts you don’t hear any birds anymore.

If you can’t get enough of Ghost Recon, you can also try playing it in multiplayer where 5 big multiplayer maps of up to 400m� will allow you to snipe around killing up to 35 other players that are doing the same (maximum 36 players at the same time). Luckily both LAN and internet play are supported so even if you don’t have broadband internet, you’ll still be able to set up a small network with all your friend and start killing each other.

If you think even that isn’t enough, you can also view replays of your actions after you’re killed. Nothing better than to see yourself get killed or succeed greatly in a mission, right ?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is one of the best tactical first person shooters I’ve ever seen and in my opinion it even surpassess Operation:Flashpoint. It will be hard to find better.

Pro :

  • Great graphics
  • Good atmosphere
Con :

  • Stupid Team members
  • Heavy System requirements