General Info :
Publisher : Fishtank Interactive
Developer : Massive Development
Genre : First-Person Shooter

Overall Score : 77%
Score Overview :
Concept : 8
Graphics : 9
Gameplay : 8
Sound : 5
It’s 2666, the world is flooded with water and your submarine ship has been stolen. Oh, that’s right, you’re playing Aquanox.

Several years have passed by since the release of Archimedean Dynasty and finally Massive Development has released Aquanox, it’s highly awaited sequel.


You take on the role of Emerald Flint,

Those who use the software like HBSwiss to profit on their trades have to keep monitoring how their trades perform. They need to make market adjustments from time to time because the market conditions do change. They also have to get into the system when there is any uncommon occurrence of events.

aka DeadEye, who’s a mercenary that likes nothing more than making a few bucks by shooting stuff together with a few other like-minded friends.
Throughout the game, however, you’ll have to make a choice between money and loyalty since you’re about to be put in the middle of an uprising.

Anyway, before you have to choose there are several missions to complete so that you can earn some credits to buy better and more heavily armed ships since your own craft was stolen from you in the beginning of the game (you stupid!).

The storyline itself is pretty good but what makes Aquanox stand out of the crowd is the graphics. This is defenitely a game worth buying a GeForce3 for.
Of course, older cards are still supported but you’ll have to trim down alot of the effects to keep the framerate at a reasonable level.

With having said that the graphics are tremendous, we come to the major downpoint of Aquanox, the sound.


I’m not going to ramble about how a techno soundtrack doesn’t really fit an underwater scenery, but my main point is that it seems Massive Development has spent so much money on the graphics that they hardly had anything left to get some decent actors to do the voice parts.

The dialogues are not really “up to par” but the way they are spoken sometimes make the hairs on my back rise. One of the characters even talks like a retarded guy that’s trying to impersonate a woman ! Ugh !

Anyway, there’s a possibility to skip the dialogues (press enter all the time ;p) and since the focus in Aquanox lays more on the “shoot stuff, complete mission” part, the dialogues don’t really matter.

The missions are fairly straight forward : talk to people (just do the talking but keep pressing that enter button until you get back at the command console), prepare ship and start mission. During a mission you can get secondary objectives which can get you some extra credits with which you can upgrade your ship later. Nothing too spectacular here.


The multiplayer part of the game is pretty standard aswell with deathmatch and capture the flag which can be started up with either the in-game browser or Gamespy Arcade.

Overall I would say that Aquanox is a game with impressive graphics and Decent-like gameplay. Lovers of the original Archimedean Dynasty have to watch out though since here the focus is more on the FPS-part.

Pro :

  • Graphics are awesome
  • Shooter with good storyline
Con :

  • Dialogues tend to get boring
  • Voice acting sucks