We all look for ways to save money

We all look for ways to save money. But don’t analyse, what’s needed to be done and what’s to be avoided. We think that it’s okay to spend a dime this month on some really avoidable thing, yet spend too much and then realise that the money was actually wasted and could be saved.

We all learn from experiences and a few smart people learn from others experiences and act smart right from the beginning. You choose where you want to be, smart from own experience or even smarter from others experiences! Just like choosing to invest in real market stocks and sectors or in a fake system like the HBSwiss!

Actually, the outer forces that we are connected to, will make us spend more though we don’t want to spend really! Yes, the advertisements that we see, the places we go, etc. all have hoardings and ads to lure your mind, that’s their job. But, we suggest you be more careful and never give heads on to such things.

SALE is one of the biggest traps that you can find anywhere and everywhere. You think that it’s a genuine one, but in reality, that’s a trap to make you actually buy more. Marketing people actually study human minds and analyse, so they know where exactly to catch you. the way they please is with the products, they know the colours and textures people love and hence create them at the stores and voila, you are sure to hit there.

Coupons or vouchers are another set of traps made actually. You may wonder that we are actually asking you to stop the whole lot of shopping that you do! Nope, that’s not our aim, we are here to tell you what’s draining your money avoiding you from saving. Money once spent is gone, and realising later won’t help, so it’s better to save for rainy days right when the sun shines.

Being frugal is one of the ways to attain your savings, monthly. Well, being frugal doesn’t mean that you need to decline yourself the things you wanted, but it’s the things that went out of your needs list. Saving money today will relay help you in the longer run, when you run out of your job, for few months; when you need to educate your child higher, or when you need to take a retirement from the job.

But, spending them will actually give momentary happiness, and takes off the life in the olden years.