Financial responsibility is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Financial responsibility is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though we may actually try a little to save, spend sensible and plan our future, without financial planning, you can’t achieve your dream goals, maybe buying home or car or so on.

It needs a special talent to hone your spending habits and save for that dream goal. Many of us think that financial planning is best suitable for advisors and other finance filed experts, not for a common man. But, in reality, it’s not as complex as you think and there is a hard rule that you can’t break. It has a simple logic; just spend within your reach.

The Card show:

Credit cards are the biggest mess that you can create in life. When you are paying your credit card, it shows that you already are spending more than you can afford. In that case, your financial responsibility levels are nil!

All of us can really spend, but it takes some great attitude to save that penny and hold it on for future. Responsible planning person, would actually not put all the money on credit card bills, but save a little before spending and then make the payments full on time.

Act Smart and Wise:

Yes, this is easier said than done! We all know how difficult it can get! But, you really need to go there, to be safe. Being wise means choosing your investments and brokers carefully, so that the little money you save saves you tomorrow, and not gets to zero. Investing in systems like the brit method, HBSwiss has only made the latter possible, so better beware and stay away from such fake systems. Rather invest in stock market, with the help of genuine authorised brokers and get your savings scheme started. If not today, we are pretty sure that you won’t do another day!

Invest Wisely:

Yes, markets are volatile and are risky too. But not all are the same, there are few stocks and schemes that are less risky and get good capital appreciation over a period of time. When you choose your goals for long-term, say beyond 10 years, and then you are sure to be benefitted, irrespective of the stock you choose. But with proper planning, if you choose a stock wisely, that would actually multiply your returns in the manifold.

Analyse your strategies, see where your money is going, or would go. Choose the combination of stocks and securities to keep you safe.