E3 – Fragland world premiere

Good news from the German front !

The german developement studio Sunflowers have decided to give Fragland a world premiere yesterday. We are only able to report about it today because the press facilities here at E3 are … inadequate to say the least. Sunflowers are known for their triple AAA titles Anno 1602 and especially for the top-selling succesor Anno 1503 – The New World.

We had an exclusive interview with Friis Tappert who is the lead developer of their newest RTS game. We’ll type out this interview as soon as we have the time (yes, time is in short supply here at E3) but in the mean time I can share my thoughts on this game and I’ll give you a short description. After that, please enjoy the 5 screenshots at the bottom of this post.

This is a 3D real-time strategy game like none other
before! Combining for the first time ever a setting
never seen before with personalized unit management,
it brings new life to the real-time strategy genre.
Modern elements blend with primeval conditions in a
long forgotten, incredibly beautiful prehistoric world.
Creatures long extinct come once more to life, a constant
danger to anyone living in the area.

The games figures are individuals with strong characters
who gain experience and can be promoted to higher
positions. The most experienced hero of all becomes
chief and determines the strategy for his tribe.
This engenders a personal relationship with his subjects,
whom he must use wisely in their struggles
against giant dinosaurs and enemy tribes, each with
specific advantages and disadvantages.

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures of the game itself because it is still a work in progress, but I was shown a demo for a full 20 minutes. And I can tell you one thing, you have never seen such amazing graphics in a RTS-game. From a global view of an entire map, you can zoom amazingly close into a characters face or fur. It reminds me of the camera-tilts they use in movies where the camera swoops down from high up in the air to a close up of the main characters nostrils.

The game itself is set in a parallel pre-historic universe and will combine some 20 playable worlds set in 5 different climatic zones. But more on that in the interview.

As I mentioned the game itself is so brand new that Sunflowers is still working with specialised companies to find a good title that would catch the games content really well. Next to that it’s worthwhile to know that this title has the highest developement-budget untill today, for any game developed in Germany.

Budgeting is something as a common man we lack. Not many of us like to do budgeting, just for the reason that it deprives us of the things that we desire. But, sometimes we become so careless that we invest in fake systems that exist in the system, like HBSwiss, and then crib over the loss that they create.

It’s always better and wiser to read the documents and do some research before investing and do a proper budgeting to attain financial goals.

Keep an eye out for the interview itself, ’cause this might be the first of a next-generation RTS games.

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