Japs get edited Call of Duty: Black Ops

Well, I guess the Germans will be happy to know they’re not the only ones getting edited versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Apparently, Square-Enix, who are handling distribution of the upcoming shooter in Japan, has decided to make some changes to the localised version in the land of the Rising Sun as well. Today Square Enix announced that the […]

Ignition closes Florida studio

It seems Ignition Entertainment can’t save them all. End of last month, news broke that the company’s London studio, also known as Digi-Guys, was saved but at the expense of having to stop working on WarDevilwhich was already five years in development. Still, a cancellation is better than closure. And that’s apparently exactly what Ignition’s Floriday studio has got: An anonymous […]

TRON Evolution voice cast announced, no Bridges

Disney Interactive has sent out a press release to announce the voice cast to Propaganda Games‘ upcoming movie tie-in Tron Evolution which is set between both TRON movies. The big news: Jeff Bridges apparently isn’t lending his voice to the game. Film and TV star Olivia Wilde and the actor who portrayed the original TRON character, Bruce Boxleitner, will […]

Dungeon Siege II: Broken World (Pc)

We’re indeed talking about an expansion of the aging Dungeon Siege 2 by Microsoft and Gas Powered Games. When I got this copy in my mail, the first thing I thought was “What the… The game is older than my grandma and now they’ve made an expansion…” What I also found out was that it […]

Intel selling CPU “DLC”?

In a move that will probably shock plenty, Intel has decided to ask additional money for stuff the CPU you just bought can already do. Indeed, similar to the business model where people buy a game and later on pay extra f or downloadable content (which sometimes is already present on the disc), Intel wants […]

Safecracker (Pc)

You know how the story goes, an ordinary man one day finds an oil source and becomes filthy rich. Of course he has no offspring and so his family impatiently awaits his death. When he finally does die, his will seems to be gone missing. Luckily there’s a clue, the man we’re talking about loved […]

The Ship (Pc)

When thinking about sailors, we all have about the same idea in our mind. Tough, dirty men with lots of hair on their chest, the summum of manhood so to speak. But, are they really as much man as we think? Sailors are often weeks, if not months, at sea, far away from any form […]

Call of Juarez (Pc)

The Western has been a popular movie genre for quite some time. The makers of this game clearly were longing for that time again as that’s where they got their inspiration for this game. Their favorite western movies.   After a fruitless search for the gold of Juarez, Billy returns home to find a quite […]

Street Fighter X Tekken is coming, has trailer

Capcom and Namco have announced at Comic Con in San Diego that they’re working together on two new games. Capcom is doing Street Fighter X Tekken, where they’ll use the basis of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. The Tekken characters will be ported to the style of the Street Fighter world and this time we’ll also get Tag Team […]

Darkstar One (Pc)

Darkstar One is the new space shooter by Ascaron Entertainment. The game at first sight makes you think back of Freelancer, which was thrown on the market a couple of years ago by Digital Anvil. Is this a successful alternative or a failed copy? In the game you play the teenager Kayron who learns his father’s […]