Interest for extra money in the account:

We all have accounts in the bank, and it’s a necessary and basic thing too. But, how did you actually choose a bank? Did you make any research or got a suggestion form others? or did you read from elsewhere? Few people have also invested or thought of savings in various systems like HBSwiss and have lost money, don’t be that person again.

Not many of us think in this angle, where we need to do a research and then open an account. There are plenty of banks that have opened up and have many different facilities few of them for free, few others at a minimal charge and so on. Choose your bank, based on the tips below.

Minimal fees:

This is very important, though we have too many banks. Not all of them have free facilities, or at least free basic facilities, like any number of ATM withdrawals. Few of the banks charge you for that, and please don’t stay there, if you take a record of every penny to save. There are many other banks which offer this, and even more, for free, or at a basic minimal charge, which actually doesn’t matter. So look up for those, which has lesser fee charges for basic activities!

Interest for extra money in the account:

Few banks give you this additional benefit of earning interest on the money that you have in excess in your account. Any money that isn’t growing itself is just shrinking its capacity. So look out for banks, which offer you decent interest for the excess amount you place in your account, making it mutually beneficial for both of you.

Pay bills online:

With everything digitalised, you must join hands with the bank that has free online payments mode. Few of them charge for this one too, well can you stop when you have work timings that clash with the payment timings? So, if you take a record of these small charges added for transactions, then your account will be actually going in only for transaction charges and no savings left. So check before you sign up.


Check for banks that are highly upgraded in technology. That also shows their enthusiasm in treating customers and their quest to be matching up to the standards of the sector. The technological advances that they take up, is actually beneficial to the customer and themselves.

Online makes ATM usage less, easy and smooth process, and no time wasted. From the customer end too, the same feeling is derived, making as a bank being acknowledged as one of the best. This not just adds value to the bank, but also gives benefits that get upgraded from time to time to the customers.