With programs like this you don’t need redemption after death

If you believe in redemption:

They say that you are avenged after your death but if you have ever been victimized by fraud software in this world itself, we think that you will be saved even that in the hereafter. Why do I say that? The kind of atrocious theft that the trading software do, it can put you in a spot even before you realize what exactly is happening with you.

Consider this:

When I wanted to supplement my income because of certain exigencies at some point of time, I could not think beyond something that I could manage to do in my free hours because I was already working in the day. I chanced upon the idea of trading online in binary options which I thought would have been convenient since I could do that anytime in the day or night.

The automated robot:

Additionally, I was attracted to the idea of having an automated robot trade on my behalf and that would mean that my role was limited to only investing and the software would “genuinely” take care of the rest. How wrong I was!

The malafide intention:

Since I have understood that the trading software and a big majority of them are a sham. They do not want to benefit the traders like they pretend to be in their sales talk, they rather enrich themselves and run away right after stashing a lot of money cheating clueless traders.

And they realize only when it is too late!

I was relieved of $250:

I downloaded this software called the HBSwiss and I hate myself for doing it. I don’t know what got into me because I am generally considered to be a person who is extremely cautious with his money. This cheating made me cringe and I have sworn never ever to let myself become a victim to such frauds again.

What happens in the long run?

While a lot of people have lost money to the tune of hundreds of dollars, they may think it is part of the learning curve but do you know what the implication f this all will be? People will definitely lose faith in this system of investment and even the genuine ones will not have any takers and in the long run the traders are the losers because they can easily supplement their income if the program is a genuine one.

Research is imminent:

If you are one of those who wish to invest in these, this is a request to do your homework well before putting in your hard earned cash. There is enough heartbreak happening please make sure that you are not victimized.