Beware of this program – Scam Alert

The story so far:

So, I was desperate to make a little extra a couple of months ago and I am still smarting up from the terrible experience that I have had. I wanted to share this experience on the social media so that each one of the people who read it also becomes aware of the large scale fraud that people are doing all in the name of legit trading software.

HBSwiss duped me:

I was never big on making a financial portfolio. In fact I was only browsing the internet for opportunities and jobs when suddenly this window opened on my browser and started sweet talking me into investing.

The sale pitch was so convincing:

The sales talk that this program did cannot be outdone by anyone else. But actually no. Later when I logged on to the internet to do research about the them I realized that all the fraud software that allows people to trade in binary options are the same in their modus operandi. First they sweet talk you into investing and then they finish your balance in a couple of hours and ask you for more investments. And if you keep on pumping cash into them thinking that you will one day rep rich benefits, they are secretly laughing behind your back.

Because they do not want to make you rich. They would rather enrich themselves. One fine day, they will call it a day and abscond. Their website will not even have a verifiable address to catch hold of the crooks. What will a poor hapless trader do who has lost hundreds albeit thousands of his hard earned money even since he has no credible information at all. He cannot even file a suit.

He is thus left in a lurch thinking of the unfortunate day he decided to plunge into this. Only repent!

But this could have been saved had he done his research earlier:

Don’t you think so? Well, I cursed myself for not doing my homework earlier.

Don’t be in my position because I will tell you it is the worst place to be in. the money you lose could have been so useful around you and your relatives. You don’t want to even believe sometimes that the same software that was promising you that you will earn in thousands of dollars in a day itself have even gobbled up your meager savings and not even burped! How can someone be so ruthless? Alas! There is nothing much you can do than treat is as learning curve and move on!