Trading in nothing but a robot software

The Brit Method binary option for trading in nothing but a robot software that will provide you very easy and user-friendly way to make profits. For beginners who want to invest less and earn fast, this is a very good opportunity. This scam states that there is support for customer 24/7 available online. You can seek support through a chat window or an email. It has even provided you the convince of communicating in a different language.

If you are really good at investigating on the suspicious website, you will notice that the video posted on the site has no proper graphical representation of any kind and also not very attractive. And also as the video suggests that once you register on this site you will be provided with a broker who will help in trading. The brokers here mentioned are hired by him, who get a certain percentage of money from every user who registers on this.

Verdict And Overall Review

The references provided on this site are all fake users. This is very easy to make out because the names mentioned in the sites have been sent through Twitter it says, but when checked with the Twitter site, it showed no such account. There are also many other tools and websites that will help you in recognizing which is fake and which is a genuine website, make sure to check before you sign up on any website.


As you can see that we have given all the proof to make it clear that this app is nothing but a bad news. It is better to stay away from such fake sites. Firstly, it was not founded by the person who’s photo is present on the homepage. He has a different name on different country’s website. The biggest lie it says is that it is completely free of cost and that only first 20 people will be lucky enough to get this offer and require a special invitation to register. If you fail to make money in few months, it is said that you will be given £10,000, but no mention of how you can claim this. Lastly, all the references and names given on the site are completely fake, which concludes that the Brit Method software/app is a 100% scam and has been set up as a trap for innocent and eager users. Its one and only purpose is to trap beginners into binary options trading which is one of the riskiest trading. Nothing on the website is true, neither the videos nor the photos. Just another method by scammers to make money.