SÖLDNER – Secret Wars by Wings Simulations – retail v29354 patch

This list shows you the changes that have been implemented in patch v29354.

Net code/Technical Changes

– Improved Keyboard input for more responsive player controls.
– Fix for the “Send Challenge” bug.
– Fixed several memory leaks.
– Fix to the “2 Commander” exploit and the associated crash.
– Fix to the Client crash, which occurred when a Player was in the UCS Screen
when a map changed.
– Enabled MipMaps for High Detail textures.
– The Particle system speed has been increased due to use of MipMaps.
– Fixed 32Bit MipMap generation.
– Fixed a problem when Terminals were not correctly rendered.
– Fixed a Warehouse (Terminal) Crash.
– Fixed a “bomb-detector” crash that sometimes occurred after a player disarmed
a bomb.
– Improved Joystick support. All joystick options can now be defined in the “In
Game Options” menu.
– Camera interpolation for Soldier model is now much smoother.
– Fixed a crash which occurred during weapon change.
– Fixed a crash caused by switching from Single player to Multiplayer.
– Crash fix for Windows ME/98 on Asian language versions.

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– Fixed a Medi-Kit anomaly (was not decreasing charges correctly on use).
– Removed an imbalance with the Medi-Kit Healing and its Pickups.
– Parachutes won’t open automatically upon exiting a vehicle.
– Fixed a “vanishing Crosshair” problem.
– Protection afforded by Body Armour has been updated.
– Fixed the “self-refilling” Med-Kit exploit
– Fixed the bug where a Soldier’s head would disappear during weapon-change.
– Fixed the incorrect colours in the Engineer Kit.
– Bombs can no longer be disarmed while running.
– Fixed the one-click repair exploit.
– Fixed head position; you should not be able to look ‘through’ the ground
– The solder will now stop moving during voting.
– New terminal feature added; players can now spawn with a weapon drawn, chosen
via a ‘Personal Inventory Radio’ button. (Only during the Pre-Round setup)
– Fixed the Invisible Parachute bug.
– Fixed a Wall hack (it is now no longer possible to run through walls).
– The jump animation has been optimised.
– Fixed another bug where the soldier’s head would disappear when either
changing or dropping weapons while zoomed-in.
– Added a new soldier head to the UCS.
– Aligned the Bomb detector correctly to the soldier’s hand
– The Toolkit readout for a vehicle’s proper health was incorrectly displayed,
this has now been fixed.
– When in a prone position the Soldier’s head should no longer appear in front
of the camera.
– The camera is now ground-aligned when in the prone position
– In order to combat spawn camping, players will now spawn with temporary
– Rocket launchers can now be used from the prone position
– Players can now press “G” to drop their Parachutes during flight. This only
works once per drop.
– Removed movement glitches.
– Removed jump glitch, which resulted in the soldier being idle after jumping.
– Fixed several diving problems.
– Fixed an auto-rotation bug which occurred while crouching with a long-range
– Resupply works correctly on all vehicles now.
– Fixed a problem where the player stood up in the Vehicle when using AGS
– Fixed several appearances of the “angel-animations”. (The standard
arms-outstretched pose for character models)
– Fixed a bug with the sniper kit, where a pistol and knife would appear, while
the player was ‘invisible’ and changing weapons.
– The Soldier will no longer change stance when reloading.
– Fixed a bug where the cloaking process would not abort, when the sniper kit
is deselected.

Commander Mode/Player Map

– Fixed multiplayer commander mode camera.
– The map now correctly shows the position the player is facing.
– Due to player feedback, the “You are now the Commander” message has been
– Fixed a bug where only the Commander was able to use Vehicles after a map
– Fixed a bug where a player could not leave the commander mode when running
– Fixed a Bug where team members were shown as “killed” in the Commander mode
when they left the area of interest.
– Changed alignment, size and opacity of the Commander Attack icons
– Due to player feedback, the “Map Check” message has been removed.
– Commander initialisation volume has been decreased.
– Commander tasks will now be deleted upon a player’s death.
– Disabled fog in the Commander mode.
– Commander can see assigned tasks only when in Commander mode


– Several Weapon Parameters have been corrected.
– Sniper rifle damage has been slightly reduced.
– Increased prices of all sniper rifles.
– The range of machine pistols has been slightly increased.
– Increased recoil on all sniper rifles.
– Heavy machine gun accuracy has been slightly improved.
– Sniper rifles are now slightly less accurate.
– The Steyr TMP is now less accurate.
– Changed the pricing on the G11 and G36.
– OICW and AK74, both do more damage.
– The price, accuracy and ammo count for the AUG and L65A1 has been adjusted.
– Infrared goggles are now more expensive.
– Price of the Freedom Arms and Glock18 has been adjusted.
– Assault rifle pricing has now been adjusted. (Mainly on AK and M4 carbines)
– All pistols are now less accurate and follow the same rules as rifles.
– Adjusted pivot points in Launcher Animation. Grenades and Launchers now
follow the hands correctly
– The Steyr TMP now has new “suppressed” sound effects.
– New Weapon: M4 SOPMOD
– Sound effects: Flash bang volume has been decreased.


– Enemy vehicles are no longer visible on the radar.
– Fixed a Problem where you accidentally changed Camera modes if Scope was
activated in a Vehicle (entered Vehicle in 3rd Person, left in 1st Person)
– Vehicles that topple onto their sides or roofs will no longer exhibit
– Tank steering has been improved.
– Tanks should no longer get stuck on little objects.
– Added Scopes to most vehicles.
– Added Night vision and Infrared to the respective vehicles.
– Damage from rocket launchers used against tanks has been rebalanced.
– Improved speed of tank gun shells.
– The accuracy of all tank machine guns has been improved.
– Fixed the mobile spawn point/Hook exploit.
– Fixed a spawn issue when more than one mobile respawn unit was present
– PVCF machinegun and Blackhawk machinegun have had their damage increased.


– “Hooked” vehicles will no longer sink into the ground.
– “Heat-seeker lock” is now working correctly.
– Fixed a crash which occurred when player used the hook.
– Dropping bombs will no longer destroy the plane which deployed them.
– Added a “nose-cam” to all Helicopters and Jets.
– Jets now have a “Missile Warning” sound.
– Helicopter prices have been adjusted.
– Fixed unrealistic rope behaviour, when hooking vehicles.
– SU-37 Flanker has now had its name correctly changed to the SU-34 Flanker.
– Changed default joystick settings for aircraft
– Changed price of the Comanche.


– Fixed the Score table for Deathmatch.
– New Map, Bone Mountain, added.
– Added Configurable Team Cash functionality.
– “Time change at end of round” works correctly now.
– Player can now see how and when server settings are changed.
– Score table fix: A player won’t find him/herself in two teams at the same
time anymore.
– Fixed a bug where kill messages showed the wrong unit name.
– Fixed: Floating Terminal at CP -Echo- in Silver Eye
– Fixed: Plattenbau HQ Flag now works.
– Changed co-ordinates to center the player map in “Bone Mountain” and
– Auto-team deactivated by default (Server setting, can be altered by Admin)
– New: Auto team now only works on join and team change.
– New: Auto Team Leveling on Death setting: levels teams if unbalanced by x
– Prepared Server for ingame serveradmin controlls: Kick, Ban, Restart,
ChangeMap, Weather
– Implemented new Kill Messages: Plex [AK 47] Udett


– Corrected typo in Options menu
– Umlauts will appear correct when pressing “Tab”
– End screen will appear after 2 seconds now (or on mouse click)
– Vote menu won’t perform Stop Movement any longer if being transported.
– Added New Splash screen.
– Lowered the resistance of wooden fences, it is possible to shoot through them now.
– Time display in the Vote menu works correctly now.

Single Player

– Single player: Removed redundant code which would create a save game called “current” upon loading a campaign
– Fixed a bug where upon creating a new campaign the player skill would not be reset.