IGI 2: Covert Strike

IGI 2: Covert StrikeIGI 2 takes place soon after the events in the previous title, bringing back key characters in a brand new story and new locations across the globe.

I never realized that that the software I had signed up for and opened my trading account was actually a lift off from previous scam software called Quantum Code. My bad I did not even bother to do enough research and now that I ended up in a soup and losing such a big chunk of investment at one go, it made me realize that this world is not a place where you can trust anyone blindly.

What’s the use of crying over the spilt milk?

One needs to do their research properly and then decide with a lot of discretion, then again that is also not a guarantee that you would not get duped. The reality is that for every one genuine trading software there are thousands of fake ones who are operating only to first lure the traders into it and then dupe them of their savings and do away with it having the last laugh. Orion Code is apparently one of them because if which I lost $500 in a matter of five days itself. Oh! How I wish I had not given in to temptations and resisted this trading itself.

The spiralling plot will take Jones through Russia, across Libya and into China in three linked campaigns, as he infiltrates a wide variety of locations including military airbases, harbours and secret government installations.

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– Release date:
– PC: 15 Feb 2003
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