Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

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Why did you decide to let the gamers play in the third dimension?

While many gamers loved the detail the pre-rendered backgrounds of the first two titles delivered many more wanted to universe to be fully 3D. With Onimusha 3 we were able to satisfy both parties, giving gamers 3D realisations of Feudal Japan and modern Paris while still keeping an incredibly high level of detail. The move to 3D also allowed us to assign the character controls to the analog stick which the majority of action gamers are now accustomed to.

Do you think the real fans will like it to fight with a modern figure like Jacques Blanc in the ancient Japan? And with Samanosuke in the modern city Paris.

Yes, with Jaques Blanc we have created a character who compliments Samanosuke so we are confident that the players will enjoy the mixture of styles and environments. Certainly, the feedback we have had from gamers in Japan and the USA, where the game has already been released, is testament to this.

What does Jean Reno think about the cooperation with Capcom and games in general?

When we first approached Jean Reno with the idea it is true to say that he was a little uncertain of what to expect. However as the project progressed and we were able to show Jean Reno the character modelled on him and then finally the finished version which includes his voice and motion capture he was really pleased with the outcome.

Can we expect an Onimusha film (maybe starring Jean Reno?)?

The rights to an Onimusha movie have already been picked up by a production company, but as yet casting decisions have not been made.

Will Onimusha Blade Warriors be a single sidestep or are you planning sequels?

We haven�t made a decision on that as yet, but we�ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

Let’s be honest: Blade Warriors did not quite have the same glory as its predecessors, do you think it is possible to convince the gamers once again that Onimusha 3 will be a lot better then Blade Warriors ?

While Onimusha Blade Warriors takes characters from the first two Onimusha titles it was always intended as a fighting game so to compare it with other Onimusha games would be wrong. We are very happy with Onimusha Blade Warriors and we hope gamers will be too.

What makes Onimusha 3 better than the previous Onimusha’s?

I think with Onimusha 3 we have created a game that is truly epic. This epic feel is in part due to the collaboration Capcom made with talent from the world of the cinema and I don�t just mean the acting talent of Jean Reno and Takeshi Kaneshiro, but also the directing talents of Donnie Yen which, adds a new layer to the experience of the Onimusha universe. We also have two heroes, both completely different yet complementary, whose stories are interlinked who must struggle not only against the Genma hordes, but in environments which are completely alien to them.

Is O3 the final part of the Onimusha trilogy or are you planning a fourth episode?

My plan was always that the series would comprise of three stories. But if the loyal Onimusha fans demand a fourth instalment then who knows�..

What games do you like to play?

I like all kinds of games. The best way to understand them is to study lots of different genres. However, right now I am having a fun time playing Pikmin 2 with my son.