Korea: Forgotten conflict previewed by t20

To kick this off rather straight, this game is not a typical RTS; it is similar to the commando�s series. As you can see on the different screenshots and the movie we�re hosting, you�ll be able to command from one to five different characters, again similar to commandos.

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What the game sets apart from commando�s is the different setting; Korea more specifically, the forgotten conflicts in the Korean War between North & South Korea. A particular part of the location for this conflict is located in the capital city: Seoul. All the geographical settings from this town are meticulously rebuilt from authentic pictures of the capital city Seoul, so the real-life settings will actually be presented as well as the characters, vehicles and environments � it all looks astonishingly well. The diversity in locations make the game a jewel to play as you�ll encounter railway stations, harbors, airstrips and much, much more �

There are also weather effects in, which I hadn�t the chance to see in full detail, as that part of the game wasn�t really finished yet, the developers though, promise a dynamic weather change system, like snow, rain, wind and every other weather situation you can imagine, except tornadoes and extreme weather situations.

The game not only let�s you play the American side, but you�ll also be able to play as British, French, Korean, � which each side having its own particular units like Rangers, Snipers, Demolition Experts, Medics, � it�s own military units and it�s own strategies.

At this time of beta, the game features 5 different campaigns (one for each side) with each up to 15 different missions varying from easy to extremely difficult. Actually, the demo I had the chance to play didn�t incorporate the easy/medium/hard settings yet, I had to play the game on the hardest level and to be honest, it was � extremely difficult.

I had the chance of playing three missions, all set in a different location and with different objectives. I had the first map, where you had to save a POW, escape through the north and make it all the way back to the south side for your extracting point, and that was only the first map, which, in size, is comparable to the 10th and final level of Commando�s 2: Men of Courage. There were these other maps, in which you had to try capturing an enemy pilot and securing the perimeter, or just protect a convoy from being blown up, similar to Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, but then set in an RTS.

All in all, Korea: Forgotten conflict is th� game for fans of the Commando�s series and certainly won�t be disappointed in another clone of the series. With Pyro Studios� Commando�s 3 and 1C�s Outfront ahead, there will be a lot of late night game sessions going on.