Star Wars: Republic Commando previewed by Speed

Star Wars: Republic Commando is one of the top Star Wars titles that have been announced by LucasArts and people really expect a lot from it. We got the chance to check it out and although it did look quite good, there are some setbacks that may jeopardise it.

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There�s absolutely no freedom what so ever. The entire game is mission-based and completely scripted. The only way the developers are trying to create some replay value is the way you command your team to do certain actions. If you enter a room for instance, you can each time clear it out in different ways, but you won�t be able to do anything else or skip a certain room. You must follow a laid-out path and there�s no possibility of getting away from it.

Republic Commando plays between Episode 2 and 3 and you need to take the lead of a commando team which has to complete certain missions. Why you need to complete them wasn�t really clear to me.

The idea of leading a team is pretty well worked out. The developers also see your team as your primary weapon although there�s lots of other weapons available to do the necessary blasting.
Commanding your guys is relatively easy and once you figured out the controls, things like clearing out rooms, blowing up doors, etc etc. are pretty simple to do.

The enemies come in different species and even include some of the Episode 3 movie which is quite nice. The presentation we got didn�t have any NPC�s that are friendly and it looks like the game just wants you to blow up everything that moves. To make sure everything looked vivant, loads of creatures are present in each level so better make sure you have enough ammo.

Graphically thing looked pretty good but not really special. The colors are bright and flashy but still need some improvement as the amount of effects is still rather limited.

If you�ve finished the single player campaign, you can go do some multiplayer but then you end up in a very standard and straight-forward first person shooter. There will be no co-op and only deathmatch will be present. Let�s hope the community will get the necessary tools to make some decent mods.

Since the devs were so pushing the fact that your team is your ultimate weapon, I wonder why they didn�t incorporate multiplayer deathmatch with each person having a team of bots under his commands. I popped that question but although they found it an interesting idea they said this wouldn�t be present, resulting in Republic Commando actually having no other advantage in multiplayer than being able to play with Star Wars characters.

As with many of the Star Wars titles, it looks like Republic Commando is going to be pretty standard except for the team-part and I think there�s still quite a lot of work to be done if they want to give this game some extra momentum.