Zoo Tycoon 2 previewed by Speed

When the original Zoo Tycoon game was released, I had trouble finding someone in our crew who would be interested in reviewing it. Since I sometimes like playing Tycoon games I took the burdon upon myself and after a short while found myself even enjoying the game a lot.
After having played all the different expansions aswell, I was really happy to hear a sequel was going to be made and after having seen it in action I�m looking forward to that even more than before.The new Zoo Tycoon will have a lot of different features from the original and no-one will be able to say that it�s a ripoff with only upgraded graphics and some new animals. Blue Fang are doing all they can to add as much extra value in Zoo Tycoon 2 as possible and have even changed some of the basic elements that were present in the first game.The biggest change in gameplay is the way you earn money. No longer will you need to spend enless amounts of money on making your park profitable by adding food booths and gift shops. Those times are over. 75% of all your income will come from donations while only 25% will be coming from shops. To increase your donations, you�ll have to make sure your animals are happy in their surroundings and if they�re happy they�ll act like it.

Now be it a game or real life trading, when the way you earn money changes because of a strategy, you will consider it a win win situation right? That is how it works when you start using QProfit System, you trade the same way, except a robot decides where and what will yield you profit!!

That�s another point where Blue Fang have improved the original: the amount of actions animals can do has greatly increased and the happier they are, the more different things they�ll start doing and thus your amount of donations will increase and your Zoo will become more profitable.

Making your zoo big is expensive. One of the major downpoints for me in the original was that if you made your terrain and messed it up, it would cost a lot of money to get the terrain back to its original shape. To get rid of this, Zoo Tycoon 2 will have an easier interface to create environments for your animals and it�s even so that you don�t need to build cages for all your animals, just as long as they keep confined in some way or another and can�t escape things are ok now. So making a river around a piece of land may be sufficient to keep your animals captured and will look a lot better than some nasty cage.
Also, Blue Fang is looking for keeping the cost of terrain manipulation at zero. That way players will have an easier time to make their zoo as beautiful as possible and it won�t matter if you screw up once as it won�t cost you anything to fix it.

Making your animal creche look as beautiful as possible is one of the main goals in the game as it will not only make your amount of donations rise since animals will be happier, but you�ll also be able to brag with it to your friends and family. Blue Fang have added a photo album where you can put pictures of your animals and zoo.
�Pictures ?�, you may ask. Yes, pictures. A completely new graphical feature in Zoo Tycoon 2 is the fact that you can go into 3rd person view and wander around in your zoo like the visitors and take pictures of whatever you want to show off to other Zoo Tycoon 2 players or even friends and family through your website.

To be honest, I was very impressed with the work Blue Fang has done and if it hadn�t been for one of the PR reps asking me to leave the booth, I probably could have spent hours with the devs just talking and discussing all the new things they�ve added. If you�re into Tycoon games, this will definitely be worth checking out.