Vanguard: Saga of Heroes previewed by Speed

Right after Microsoft announced the cancellation of the MMORPG Mythica, they announced the development of a new MMORPG called Vanguard. Why ditch one for another may never be revealed but it may have something to do with Microsoft�s XNA platform.
XNA is a new development platform Microsoft wants to push towards developers and to make sure you have enough people interested, having some already published titles show off with it is always a good move.
So, Vanguard is one of those first games that are under development and will be using XNA. To be honest, what we got to see from the game was only a tech demo without any interaction or anything. All there was to see was the graphics and the surroundings and those looked really great.

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Of course, we�re getting used to splendid graphics, but keeping everything running smoothly in a MMORPG which needs to keep thousands and more users satisfied is another thing. Vanguard at this moment already shows how great graphics should be and we�re only talking about a tech demo yet. If what we saw is any indication for what�s to come when the game gets released around 2006, you can be sure graphics will not be a problem.

Currently the main engine and surroundings are already quite well-done and the developers are now focusing on making quests and storyline but nothing about those is known yet. Despite our constant nagging, they wouldn�t bulge and the only answer I received on the question �what will you be doing in Vanguard, what�s the goal ?� was �What do you want to do ? Just think of what you want to do and you�ll be able to�.
Of course that�s a very cryptic answer that says everything and nothing and if it�s really everything, we�ll have to see just how far �everything� means to the developers.

The booth at E3 was meant to keep people interested in the game and to show off with the engine and that was exactly the reason why Vanguard was shown behind closed doors. Next year the game should be a lot closer to release and they�ve promised to have some real gameplay to show off with but what I can tell you is that if you want to picture Vanguard�s surroundings, just think of the static pictures in Myst being brought to life and being completely interactive. That�s how good Vanguard looks already.
Let�s just hope the rest of the game will become just as good by the time of release.