Timesplitters: Future Perfect previewed by Zwan

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is the sequel to the highly acclaimed TimeSplitters 2. For this game Free Radical chose a different publisher, namely EA. They wanted to make the game their way, without any interferences, and EA gave them what they wanted. The result should be a very nice game, but from what I’ve seen, it could be more than that, a lot more!

It immediately caught my eye that the graphics of TS:FP have been polished a lot, compared to its older brother. As far as consoles are concerned, this surely ranks amongst the best-looking shooters so far. The cartoony look of TS2 has been kept but detailed textures have been added to take things up a notch.

The train-level featured adrenaline-pumping action that was more intense than everything I’ve seen from TimeSplitters 2. You are being harassed twice by Kamov attack choppers and you meet a Dr.No lookalike (you know, the James Bond bad guy with his cat) that locks you up and tries to sufficate you with poison gas. If you somehow manage to survive this attack, you get to fight him on top of the moving train. As said, the action never stops!

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Something we should have seen in TS2 already, is the new online multiplayer mode. At last it’s there! Together with the new and improved arcade mode (more game types, more unlockables, more fun!) this should guarantee months of first-person shooter entertainment!

There are even more novelties, such as the new interactive environments and challenging puzzles. It sure looks as if this third TimeSplitters has kept all the good things form TS2 and added some welcome changes. I’m pretty sure EA will strike gold with this one as I can summarize the entire presentation with just one word: “Impressive!”.
I for one can’t wait to play the final version of this game. Unfortunately this will only be somewhere in 2005.