Goldeneye: Rogue Agent previewed by BillieTurf

First, to get in the mood, we got to see some footage from Goldeneye but as I am in the mood since last November (when I stressed that we had to cover this game) that wasn�t really necessary but fun after all. While playing some levels, our host started talking about the game�s features. Stress lies on the E.V.I.L. A.I. which proved to be excellent while watching him invoking their reactions. Enemies take good shelter when they need to, succeed in making a lot of headshots so they will get you down fairly quick which means that running around is impossible unless you have the cheats activated.

Then there is the renewing gameplay which allows really quite every possible combination with weapons (total of thirteen all with their own advantage) and melee attacks. You can use dual guns, but they don�t have to be of the same type, for example: an FN machinegun and pistol. If you even want more fun you can use one arm to throw grenades or punch somebody in the face. But that is still not all because you can take a hostage for cover until you don�t need him anymore and simply throw him of the rooftop which will give you villain points. Don�t start thinking about stealth action missions, this is a first person shooting al the way so the hostage only servers as a human shield. Those villain points I mentioned will unlock certain things (most likely multiplayer levels or weapons) but Simon Bull could not give any concrete answer to what content it might. However, trivia quizzes for hardcore Bond-fans are out of the question.

If you still feel that you won�t get enough options then I have some mighty fine news: there will be a feature you can use called � a goldeneye that allows you to view what or who is behind creates and stuff like that. I can assure you, without spoiling the surprise, that the reason why you have got this eye is very acceptable.

The levels in which you will be playing are famous locations from the movies, some of which I already dreamed of several years ago, when I saw the movie, to set foot on so I guess my dream is going to come true. Interactivity with your environment will come down to hitting switching and thereby creating awesome death-traps with impressive results.

Unfortunately, the one obstacle in my life that keeps on haunting me once again appeared. It�s like a stalker: the 12+ rating. Since the game has to be playable for everybody who likes to see the movie, it has to comply with certain standards which in this case means no blood and bodies disappearing instantly. Not so bad after all, but the American version will be less strict and if there wouldn�t be any of those hypocritical rules it would all be technically possible, they really did stand on that. It�s all for the rating, not for technical reasons so forgive me if I say, boohoo you stupid rules!

One things, that shocked me far worse was the fact that in Europe only Xbox live will be supported which means NO PS2 online support. I really could not believe it when they said that straight to my face. I agree, a torture from Stamper or his role model Dr. Kaufman (Tommorow Never Dies) would be worse, but I really can�t think of anything else. I managed to camouflage my reaction just in time but I could not constrain the words: �What a terrible shame� in any possible way. Do pay attention that it is not the developers responsibility or so did Simon say. Anyway, I am officially thinking about suicide now (then again so I am all the time), hopefully the biggest shock will be postponed until after the weekend as I am currently still in a denial fase. Xbox live while PS2 online is free, therefore alone it should be supported more or at least as much but giving Xbox such a tremendous advantage is simply not fair, I must be dreaming. *Punches himself in the face with the Uma-Thurman-escapes-from-coffin hit*, definitely awake!

As for the technical part the three consoles versions being PS2, Xbox and GC will only differ technically and the game is based on the Medal Of Honour engine. Since they added so much to extra too that, it must be sublime by now. Every version will have a multiplayer with 2 or 4 player split-screen which is what I will have to do it with, unfortunately. Excuse me for going on about this, but MOH:RS featured net play too which was tremendously fun. At least let us play on some of the American servers then!

Good to know is that the game will be released one week earlier, which means 25th of November in stead of the 2nd of December. So, they decided recently, news of which I thought it was nice to reward you readers with.

It could get really difficult when you know most details about a game or movie and still have to wait to actually try your hands on it. QProfit System is an automation trading robot which gave the traders similar kind of thrills. I had read customer reviews and had to wait to try!

We got a possibility to ask some questions in person after the presention of Urbz but as they are all about Goldeneye, I decided to give up on the chronological order and post them after the Rogue Agent�s info.

The site, boxshot, artwork and design manage to absorb you in the games’ atmosphere, it seems that nowadays the fuzz around a certain game does create a kind of magic on it own, do you agree?

Not really, it is only a place for people to go and look what the game will have to offer and to talk about with friends, so we did not intend to create an atmosphere which Sony refers to as The Third Place.

I still felt it had some kind of magic and everybody who wants to have fun should complete the quiz which shows how bad a villain you are and gives you a villain name too, mine being Master Lex van Boyenchu!

It seems that this Bond game is so much more than an ordinary fps because not only does it feature the cooperation from actors, moviemakers and composers but the gameplay itself seems to be innovative with the possibility to take hostages and handle each hand seperatly. However, in all the footage I saw there did not seem to be any vehicle you could take control of while that was a key feature in previous games, any reason in particular?

We did that in the previous games but by now people wanted something else again and so we made a straight fps. There is a moment where you�ll be in the plain with Pussy Galore, but you won�t be able to control it yourself.

Although I did not feel that way and think it is irrelevant, I did hear a lot of colleagues complaining that EoN was a bit too short, will there be more missions this time or is it the online multiplayer that will make us pick up the game on a daily basis?

The single-player won�t be easy in a way that running around all guns blazing will get you killed instantly. You have got to play it careful, hide behind a box, spot the enemy and take him out real quick otherwise you�ll end up dead all the time. The multiplayer has twenty-two maps and a lot of modes like domination, death match amongst other free-for-all and objective-based missions. So, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to have fun with.

Of course, because of the lack of net play in Europe, some modes won�t be as fun as they could be if you played with more people. Besides, there is always somebody online to play with while now you have to invite friends each and every time. I wonder if you could import an American version, play it on your PS2 in Europe and connect on an foreign server but I guess that will be quite impossible.

It is obvious that this episode will feature many of the numerous Bond-enemies, but will there be extra features like a Bond trivia quiz or some facts or production notes of some kinds to unlock? If not, is there a chance that you’ll like the idea and will realise it in a next game?

There will be weapons or multiplayer maps which you can unlock most likely, but we aren�t sure about the specific content yet. However, quizzes for die-hard Bond lovers are already made by other companies and does not apply to the general audience we target for with this game.

A quote from Alec Trevelyan to 007 in the Goldeneye movie is: … Of course you’d say that, James Bond, her majesty’s loyal terrier, defender of the so-called faith. This implies, or so I feel, that it is impossible for Bond to betray his country. So, did everybody immediately agree with that point of view or were some people afraid to take the risk of changing Fleming’s character in a way nobody excepted?

As you are not playing as 007 himself, we can take things to another level which would be quite out of 007�s league. I think that the storyline would never allow it for James Bond to betray his country so I don�t think that will ever happen, no.

EoN was already perfect for me and now we even have these feature like online multiplayer added, is there anything you feel that can stop this game from reaching skyhigh scores or are there features you are still not happy about?

When you are involved in such a creative process there are always things you like to add or make better but as we definitely achieved the result we had in mind, I think we can be quite happy.

The game will feature locations and characters from movies with whom gamers can interact while the tension is stressed by music from Paul Oackenfold, composer for many of my recent favourite movies but I why not John Barry?

Of course with John Barry we would have a gotten a good result too, but we were looking for something everybody can I enjoy and as Oackenfold created music especially for each moment in the game I guess that people will find it splendid. The thing is that the music adapts itself to the situation, the same song will play throughout one level but when things get hot the music will emphasise things some more while when the situation calms down music starts to play slower too. In that way the music will be what the game needs.