New World Order reviewed by peng

Whoah, New World Order, the game that was created to replace Counterstrike, or at least give it a serious knock and take half their fanbase. In this review I’ll explain why it failed in it’s purpose…

Since I wrote my preview of NWO, and after viewing the trailer which showed a very nice engine, I was very anxious to get my hands on a copy of this game. So after installing the game and patch, and preparing myself for a day of being the good guy for a change, I got started.
I started with a new campaign… It takes a pretty long time to load a map for the first time, but after that, it only takes half the time to reload it in case you die, and believe me, that happens alot in this game. Anyway… You start out as Agent John Dobbs, you have been recruited from the GAT Team thanks to many years of decorated service with the Navy Seals. Your first day consists of a simple training and some conditional exercices, but when you start your training, something goes terribly wrong… It appears the GAT HQ has been invaded by a terroristgroup called “The Syndicate” who’s only purpose is to kill and destroy everything in their path. A voice says “Shit, we’re being attacked, get your gear and move out”, and then the action begins… First thing that came to mind was the fact that the game didn’t run smoothly, which was weird, because I put the details on medium and on 800*600, 16bit (My config is AMD 2000+, 256DDR, GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128MB RAM)… No harm done, I’ll just modify the settings and things will be ok. But it didn’t… I even adjusted the settings to a complete minimum, but it didn’t help, it just looked the same, not even the resolution changed. I tried reloading the map, the mission, even the game, but it wouldn’t work. But ok, I can live with this, so I continued the mission. You just stand there for a while, buy your weapons, etc. when I noticed you couldn’t switch weapons with the “switch weapon” keys… The buttons assigned to the different guns weren’t working either (1-2-3-4-5). The only way I was able to switch between weapons was by using the “cycle forward”- and “cycle backwards”-key. Even if you change the controls, they still won’t work. Same goes for the button that allows you to pick up a weapon when an enemy drops it, well… that SHOULD allow it… It seems to work on randomly chosen moments, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. F.e. an enemy drops a gun, a shotgun, you can’t pick it up… 2 minutes later you kill a second enemy who also drops a shotgun, but you can pick this one up. Pretty weird, and very irritating when you’re in need of a weapon.

Now let’s talk about the AI… This game looks a bit too much like Counterstrike if you ask me, when you encounter an enemy behind a corner, he actually knows you’re coming and he most likely is already shooting at you through the furniture and walls, dropping your hp way down before you even see the guy. Put all of these factors together and you can start panicing. You know there is an enemy on a certain location because you’ve been through this blasted level 20 times already and you’re sure you can kill the infidel now. Well… wrong bet… You try to approach him and he already starts shooting, when you finally get to see the guy, your hp is down to 50% and for some reason, the game becomes almost unplayable (smoothness turns to 0) and before you know it, your’e dead. But for some bizar reason, the “wallhack” is only used in the first level. But anyway, let’s get back to the actual game. I fought my way through the HQ thinking I killed everyone in the building, but the level is huge, when you get out of the HQ, you can still wander through the streets. I finally found a crack in the road somewhere, went through it, and after a small walk through the sewers, I got back to where I came from… The HQ… I suddenly hear something, aha, there seems to be a last enemy wandering off alone in the training area, once I killed that guy, my mission was completed. Um… What the hell? That level is HUGE but only 1/4th of it is being used!? This sucks, I’ve been wandering through this level for over an hour! Come on man! In the second level you’ve got the same problem… You have to defuse a bom and rescue some hostages, after you’ve defused the bom and rescued the hostages, there appeared to be a sole survivor of my rampage somewhere behind the truck where I recently defused the bom… Well well, jolly good! And let it be known, if you die in the game, you get a “mission failed” screen, but the problem is… You can’t get out of that screen or past it to get to the menu or even quit, you can’t do anything else but press enter, the level reloads and only then you can quit. Pretty irritating.

Sound is average, even bad in some levels, but it adds up to create a mental atmosphere. I would talk about the music here also, but um… there wasn’t any.

It was simply like a trading software system without any background music. The automated trading software like QProfit System help in making money in small time but all we get playing this game all day is a lot of monotony which not every player could handle, especially when it does not attract you much.

Multiplayer. No game can do without this feature (unless it’s doom3). Well, when I wanted to play this game online, I pressed “Multiplayer”, but it only showed 15 servers (!?) and only one was almost full (12/16), so I joined the server and started playing… intensive.. irritating.. everlasting lag… Quite a surprise because the server said I’d only have a ping of 20. I could barely defend myself against a camping guy from north-korea (so he told me) who had been camping on that server for over 2 hours so he could buy a sniper. I decided I had enough of this, and disconnected after a “cu later” to the guys on the server, actually meaning a “see you never again in this stupid bleeping game”. A couple of minutes later, I decided to give it another go and started a server myself. Here I discovered that this game had every potential to become a great game. But with all those bugs it was just… Well.. A load of crap. This is a pitty, I think they were forced to release it when it wasn’t finished yet, or at least, I hope so, because if someone would call this “finished”…

I guess you’ve noticed by now that this is definately NOT a game you should buy with your well earned money or precious allowance. Sad to see a game that had such potential to totally crush every expectation I had about it.

– que? – I’m not going to repeat all that…