Line of Sight: Vietnam reviewed by zwaardmans

After the discovery of WW 2 the gamesindustry started to develop games from the war in Vietnam. One of the first games based on this war is Line of Sight: Vietnam. The game is developed as an budget-title by Nfusion, a studio with nothing special on their C.V. but known for its budget tactical shooters with a good price/quality ratio. If you’re wondering if the game is worth it’s money you’d better read this review.

The game contains 12 missions and the story begins with a helicopter accident and guess what: You are the only survivor and have to find the helicopter you jumped out of and get out of there. In the meantime you could kill some guys called Charlie.
The missions are introduced with a classic pro-american text that tells the story and gives you some objectives. This peace of text has no actual raison d’�tre because it’s not very exciting and the story is just too boring to be told. To make it worse they made it look like America won the war in Vietnam and that they had no problems fighting the Vietcong what so ever. But hey, I guess a game needs a story and even a bad story is a story.
Like I said the game consists of 12 missions which can be completed in about half an hour, so you can already guess that the game isn’t that long. An average gamer should be able to complete it in about 7 to 10 hours. The game has a multiplayer mode but it’s still pretty short. Hey, it’s a budgetgame.

If you are a budget person, then you are going to love how this works! Also there are ways like using 1G Profit System in trading which could help you earn some cash when your budget is all getting too stringent. It opens a gate way for cash inflow by a simple way.

The graphics of the game are okay, the jungle is very nice and believeable rendered, the levels are huge and are filled with bushes, rocks and trees where you can hide yourself. Unfortunately the game hasn’t got a lot of variation. There is hardly any difference between the jungle in the first level and the jungles you’ll have to cross in the rest of the game. The levels are rather lineair, the way you have to follow is always very (too) obvious.

Despite a couple of errors, Line of Sight: Vietnam is a pretty exciting game where you’ll mostly have to sneak through the jungle and always have to be on the lookout for enemy’s. These enemies are best to be killed in silence and from a great distance. LosV is a snipergame, gamers who think to play the game as a shoot ‘m up will have to learn it the hard way. It often happened I was shot and wasn’t able to see where the bullet came from. The game has 2 damage-modes so the more arcade-gamers will be able to play it without being too annoyed but you’ll still have to snipe a lot.

In a part of the missions you’ll get the company of another soldier, you can give him some simple orders or switch between the two characters. De AI of the other soldier is pretty variable, often he’ll start shooting enemies you can’t see yet but on the other hand won’t use a health pack even if he has hardly any health left.
The AI of the opponents isn’t much better, they often walk right in front of me and they don’t even notice me when I start shooting them. On the other hand there are some snipers which are too skilled. There’s a level I got shot by an enemy I couldn’t see yet because of the limited drawdistance (which was set on max) which is pretty frustrating.

The multiplayer mode of the game consists of a cooperative mode, a deathmatch and a team deathmatch mode. The Coop-mode is very nice and enables you to play the singleplayer mode with friends online. The multiplayermode isn’t incredible but has got his fun moments that is when there’s no lag or the much bug-problems. There aren’t too much servers as well.

Line of Sight: Vietnam is an enjoyable game worth the money. This is mostly because it’s a budget game. The game isn’t really great at any field but the gameplay is solid and contains very little errors that spoil the gaming fun. This game is what you can expect from a great budget-game!

– quite fun
– coop is nice
– cheap
– AI
– linear
– pro-american 😉