Age of Mythology – The Titans reviewed by Watcher

Age of Mythology, oh what a beautiful time I had with this game and still have with it. To my big pleasure I got the chance of reviewing The Titans, the expansion set for this beautiful game. The fact that I had to shut down the internet connection of half the crew, kill a quarter of them and bribe the rest, couldn’t spoil my luck. On the contrary. The sense of victory was great, so all pepped up and god-like I started at The Titans.

Suddenly, in the middle of the game, a pop up folder opened on my browser announcing that I could easily earn $2700 in profits alone and that too without any investment. I was almost on the ninth cloud and needless to say I started to daydream of being able to do everything that my heart desired. The folder was talking about the trading software called the 1G Profit System and I was really excited about it.

After slamming the disc into my cd-rom reader and copying all the necessary files to my hard disc, I was all ready to let poor defenseless people tremble beneath my god powers. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the introduction movie was made up of scenes from the original Age of Mythology.

After the intro and all the other movies that needed to be displayed by all the companies that have aided in making this game and would very much liked to have there logo shown the main screen is loaded. At first glimpse nothing much has changed, except the colours of the menu and some other decorations. Also the in-game-like movie in the background has been adapted. The menu itself still looks the same and it think that is great because it is one of the best game menus I have ever seen actually.

Enough meaningless chatter about the looks of the game and its menu’s, because that hasn’t changed much since the original Age of Mythology. Let’s have a closer look instead of how this expansion set adds valuable things to the already very nice Age of Mythology.

The Titans brings, for a starter, us a new race called The Atlanteans. As usual you can choose between 3 major gods: Gaia, Kronos and Oranos. Every major god has 6 minor gods beneath him/her so every time you want to advance to a new age you will have to choose between 2 of them.

Every god has of course his own special mythical creatures like for instance the Satyr, a sort of devil which can cast spears; the Argus, a sort of puffed up frog that floats above the ground and is quite strong; and so on. There are no less than 10 new different mythical creatures and 12 new god powers of which every god has a few of to bring along. A new improvement which is quite nice is the fact that where you only could use your god powers once, you can now use them multiple times. You will have to wait some minutes before you can use them again, but the game only gets more fun this way.

The name The Titans should of course also have a meaning in the game itself. Every race is given 3 titans. These are creatures that cost a lot (almost as much as a wonder) and take a very long time to make but it are creatures that are barely beatable, except by other titans. It’s incredibly exciting to watch 2 titans fight it out on the battlefield and a titan could really give you the upper hand in the game or it could get you to lose it.

The Titans also adds a lot of new maps in which you can both play single player and multiplayer. Each map is perfectly balanced as we are used to. A pity that the multiplayer, for which you still need to log on using Ensemble Studios Online, is bit laggy. However, a bit of lag can’t really spoil our online fun, can it?

That’s about all that is new, it is an expansion set so usually they don’t add a lot of new things. The graphics are still top of the line and the same goes for the music. The gameplay is still smooth and the controls are still the same as in Age of Empires and thus quite natural. In the single player campaign everything fits together very well and the nice in-game movies attach all the maps together quite smoothly.

For al you people who have Age of Mythology this is almost certainly a must have.

– new units
– titans
– beter use of god powers
– laggy multiplayer