Empires: Dawn of the Modern World reviewed by Watcher

The Human race… nothing has more ingenuity nor a bigger appetite for destruction. Perect material for making games. Witnesses of that are Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, Empire Earth and quite a bunch of other RTS games. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is also a RTS game but does it belong to the line of winners or loosers ? Read on to find the answer to this and other questions.

A cold rainy evening. Futuris Powerplay had just ended when a dark person came across the parking lot and handed over E:DoMW. It sounds clich�, but that�s still the way Speed and CyruzB like to give us our reviewcopies. I immediately went home to see whether this RTS is as good as I was hoping it was.

I switched on the computer and I saw a number of emails in my mailbox. I decided to shower before I checked my mails and unfortunately that got forgotten. Later in the week when I was working on my PC, I saw a notification of an incoming mail and I remembered that it was too many days gap and so I set about checking. I was impressed with one mail that claimed to have come from 1G Profit System and it sounded really promising.

After the necessary installation and rebooting of my PC I was finally ready to start with Empires. The first thing to notice after booting the game are the beautiful and clear menu�s. You�ll have a hard way trying to get lost in them as everything you look for is easily found. But of course, that�s not what we play games for.

Since all beginnings are difficult, I decides to start with the tutorial. In this moody and very well put together tutorial you follow the story of King Arthur who has to go fight the bad king of France who has queen-napped his mother. You get guided through the whole story pretty fluently and before you know, you�re ready for the real deal.

After finishing the King Arthur campaign, you can have a go at the Admiral Yi or General Patton campaigns.
If you get bored of all these campaigns, you can also play a random map game. They offer you 2 choices: Empire Builder and Action. The first one is the classic deathmatch aimed for the economic players while the second is designed specifically for those who want units to attack and conquer others fast.

One of the first thoughts that went through my mind when starting to play was �Let�s see if this RTS can match the superiority of Rise of Nations�. When I saw the first screens and read what this game would be like, I couldn�t help but think that the idea behind Empires suspiciously resembled that of Rise of Nations. However, I quickly had to let go of that thought as Empires: Dawn of the Modern Age is all but comparable to RoN.

The first thing I noticed in starting a simple deathmatch map was the fact that you get confronted with the necessary choice of a people. The problem hereby is that each population has very distinct properaties and very wide special abilities. This choice is therefor very important as when you want to proceed to the next level (f.i. WW I), you�ll have to choose yet another type of population that have come forward from your original one and again each type will have specific features and possibilities. Soon, you�ll don�t know what to choose anymore.

Another thing that bothered me a bit was that while you�re playing you suddenly get confronted with an overload on upgrades, unit upgrades and new units. Also there�s a problem that certain �old� units don�t get an upgrade towards stronger ones which was the case in for example Rise of Nations. This certainly can suck the joy out of a game at certain times.

For the rest: the graphics are quite good. The 3D engine delivers very beautiful images and when you zoom in, you really get the feeling of being right in the action. You can see the horses and tanks passing you like it�s nothing. In short: nothing but praise about the graphics and also the sound is of the same caliber so also ok.

Conclusion: Not everything people with black coats offer you on a rainy night is bad. Sometimes you get something good. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is more than worth the title RTS and can proudly line itself up alongside Rise of Nations and other toppers despite the somewhat overwhelming options and difficult choices.

– Lots of Units
– Beautiful graphics
– Great sound
– too many options (if this can be counted as negative)
– amount of units