Here is an unbiased investigation into the trading software

Have you been forced into something?

Have you ever felt sometimes that you are force talked into something and you never intended to do it if you were given a choice again? I mean this kind of feeling is what irks me totally. I felt this when I got hooked to a trading software called the 1G Profit System.

Let me confess, I am no trading fan. Infact, I did not even know the nuances of trading till this particular day when I was browsing for a presentation in the office and a pop up folder appeared on my screen screaming that I could make a profit of $2700 in a day! What really?!

I may not know much about trading but I had enough common sense to know that a claim that someone could earn a profit of up to $2700 in a day or matter of days or even weeks sounded so exaggerated that in the first instance itself it threw me into my caution gear.

My logic:

It was clear that the software was trying to spam. The reason I am saying this is that while it is impossible to even earn so much with a brilliant day job, the idea that one could only invest as little as $250 in a software then prop himself in front of the screen and trade away with a click of the mouse or worse still watch the play while the robot proxy trades on his behalf sounded so dramatic that it was obvious that it was over played!

My investigations:

The website unfortunately could not trick me into investing the money but instead I started using the opportunity to read up on the prospect of trading. I was aghast when I came to know the fact that ninety nine percent of the software that claim t be trading platforms are actually rogue one and this particular software in question was no exception.

Reading reviews:

The best way to subvert this kind of scams is to read and keep abreast with the modus operandi of the rogue websites and how they try to lure poor and innocent traders into their trap and make them part with their life savings.

The moment they find a scapegoat, they make sure to rob him and then when they have spammed and lured sufficient number of people they close shop and disappear from the scene only to come back as a newer scam with a different name.

And what is worse? There are thousands of fools who are waiting to put their money in these scams wanting to earn more but then losing even what they have!