Java MD3 Model Viewer, a windowed Java program that uses OpenGL to display Quake 3 .md3 model files.

What’s new?

03/07/2000 – Interesting tidbit.

[KLR8] – Today I read the article The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Even though I’ve never really pushed the Java MD3 Model Viewer as a open source project (while in fact it is), I could easily recognize most observations that Raymond makes from my own experiences with the viewer. It’s one of those few papers that made me think That’s right!numerous times. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, I suggest you read it!

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27/06/2000 – Boba Fett model!


[KLR8] – Whoa, Mike and Bill Jukes have released a Boba Fett model! And damn, this model is so fine it can’t be told in fear of mankind! I suggest you add this one to your collection!

24/06/2000 – Version 1.2.3 released!

[KLR8] – Finally, after a long waiting period, version 1.2.3 of the Java MD3 Model Viewer has arrived! This version has quite some interesting new features:

  • Texture properties display.
  • New export texture coordinate maps functionality. Skinners will love this one! It will produce texture coordinate maps for the textures of a model. The images below illustrate the result for Keel’s texture.
  • Background color selection.
  • Render information display.
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Check the README.html for a complete overview of all changes.

Just visit the download area for the required download links. As always, I would like to remind those people that already run the viewer that they do NOT need to download the Java Runtime and GL4Java library again. These folks just have to replace their old Java MD3 Model Viewer files with the new ones found in

18/06/2000 – Final 1.2.3 version coming soon.

[KLR8] – Hey everybody, I’m not dead yet :-). The final version of the 1.2.3 series of the Java MD3 Model Viewer will be coming soon now. Seems like Id is not going to release the tools source code anyway, so there’s no point in waiting for it. Also, I want to release it before I go chill out for the summer :-).

10/05/2000 – Java version 1.3.

[KLR8] – Sun released a new Java version yesterday: Java 2 Platform Version 1.3. I’m just letting everybody know that the Java MD3 Model Viewer works fine with this new Java runtime. Very fine even! The performance seems to be quite a bit better then when using the old 1.2.2. A local download is now available in the download area.

28/04/2000 – Mac port.

[KLR8] – Tom Naughton just send me a link to a page that has a quick & dirty Mac port of the Java MD3 Model Viewer. If you would like to try the viewer on your Mac, I suggest you visit the page.

26/04/2000 – PakRat.

[KLR8] – The Java MD3 Model Viewer has produced some offspring: PakRat. PakRat is a full featured Quake 1, 2 and 3 model viewer for the Mac. Go check it out and let all your Mac using friends know about this beauty!