Black Out at E3 *update*

Today, E3 finally opened its doors in Los Angelos. Our squad of four (Speed, DoubleD, b|0-0|n and Zwan) had just arrived and were setting up at the media centre, when around 7.30 local time the lights went out. Yes, they actually lost power at E3 and in the surrounding area about 45 minutes ago !!

Everybody had to pack their bags and leave the building immediately, so our crew is standing outside right now, waiting for the power to come back online, which should happen any minute now.

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Not a good start at all there in LA …

Cause what good is an Electronic Entertainment Expo without electricity ? 🙂

Our brave co-workers managed to step into the light once again as the organisation was able to restore the power to the expositionbuilding.

Unfortunatly the mediacenter is still without power, so it might take a while before we can once again supply you with the latest news and screenshots straight from sunny L. A.

On a sidenote: our very own Speed has granted the boys of Wired Magazine a few moments of his precious time. Are you as cur ious as we are t o find  out whether he will make the cover or not?