Urban Terror: Surprising News

Some of you might remember the popular Q3A mod Urban Terror, some might even know that I’m a big fan of UrT. A year ago the conversion of the mod to the Enemy Territory engine was announced. This is sort of canceled…

… but not quite: Silicon Ice Development, a cool name for a group of amateur mod-makers, has been partially taken over by Frozen Ice LLC, a company that was started up by come SiD members in order to become “the next Silicon Ice”.

Frozen Ice LLC concentrated the last year on devoping a demo called Mercenary X, which was also based on the ET engine. They presented this demo to ID Software, Raven Software and Splash Damage, because as SiD they have very good ties with these companies.

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So what’s happening to Urban Terror? The current conversion to ET has stopped, and the mod has been taken over by Frozen Ice LLC. They will continue development and will start adding some Mercenary X features to the mod.

A project well worth watching!