Crysis indeed coming to Xbox 360!

It’s finally official: Crysis will be coming to the Xbox 360. Remarkable is the fact the game will have some elements from the pc version, but the gameplay will be completely different:

The big news first is the PC game Crysis is coming to the 360. However, that PC game won’t be the same game as what we will see on the home console. Because Crysis will be running at DirectX10, the game would look inferior since the 360 can only do DirectX9 (as mentioned before). So, the developers are using the same universe that the PC game is set in, with some similar story elements, but the gameplay will be entirely different.

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Like other consoles, the Xbox 360 is not capable of running DirectX10 and that’s why they don’t want to make a port. Good news if you ask us! Although you’ll probably have to miss the wow-factor, they guarantee you two different experiences.

A release date isn’t known yet.

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I agree with your points, but Crysis isn’t coming to anything but the PC as I said.


Spot on as usual then.

Now you are just taking the piss.
Now you are just taking the piss.

So are you denying the above fact?.

I am not. Everybody can be wrong, if you did not now. But it is clearly not the same game as on the PC in any case.