Blu-Ray needs double capacity to cope with slow speed

Gamesetwatch noticed that in the latest issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) there’s an interview with Todd Howard, talking about the PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray drive which appears to be incredibly slow compared to HD-DVD

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Howard notes: “Drive speed matters more to me [than capacity], and Blu-ray is slower”, with EGM revealing that “the PS3 Oblivion team compensated for the slower drive by duplicating data across the Blu-ray disc, making it faster to find and load.”

There’s also another quote that quite nicely points out the painful truth about Blu-Ray:

“You’d automate the duplication at the image creation stage to avoid any stale data problems. People have done this on other platforms before for the same reasons – particularly the PSP, with its horrible UMD seek times. However, it does rather negate the whole increased storage capacity advantage.”]

So there you have it, in order to compete with HD-DVD on speed, Blu-Ray needs all data twice on a disc. So what are the advantages of Blu-Ray again?

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Posted on 14:27, January 18th 2007


Does anyone know what the data transfer rates are for Blu-ray and HD-DVD in comparison?


Posted on 14:48, January 18th 2007


The transfer rate on Blu-Ray is 2 megs every half hour.

The transfer rate on HD-DVD is 20 million megs every half a second.


Posted on 14:56, January 18th 2007


I looked it up:

36Mbps (1x)
72Mbps (2x)
54Mbps (video BD-ROM)

36.5Mbps (1x)

It seems that HD-DVD has a higher transfer rate at 1x, but it’s only .5Mbps. The assumption that the Blu ray disk “needs all data twice on a disc” in order to compete with HD-DVD may be in error.

Disk seek times will be shorter if data is doubled, and my assumption is since the Oblivion folks had a lot of extra space on the disk they took advantage of this. I would also bet if Oblivion was produced on HD-DVD there would also be double data.

Edit: I got my info from