Capcom primarily focusing on PC development

Capcom is working on a number of unannounced projects at the moment and US biz head Christian Svensson has stated in a podcast that the lead development platform for those is PC.

The games will be heading to consoles as well, but it seems PC is taking the lead over consoles where previously it used to be the other way around.

“We do have a couple of products in development which are PC-lead, that are not announced yet,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that that content isn’t also going to show up on console, because it will.”

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“But the pedigree of the team and the primary focus of the design is around the PC, and the largest forecast is on PC for at least one of these projects.”

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Good to see PC getting the lead again. It’s all too often these days that PC versions get crippled due to the fact that primary development is done on consoles.

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