Ignition closes Florida studio

It seems Ignition Entertainment can’t save them all.

End of last month, news broke that the company’s London studio, also known as Digi-Guys, was saved but at the expense of having to stop working on WarDevilwhich was already five years in development.

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Still, a cancellation is better than closure. And that’s apparently exactly what Ignition’s Floriday studio has got:

An anonymous mail sent to GamesIndustry.biz and other news sites alleged that “Several members of the UTV Ignition Corporate Office in London came in [to the Florida studio] with police officers, and asked the 70 members of staff including the GM and executive producer to pack up their stuff and go home.”

The mail went on to claim that Ignition owner UTV had invested $23 million in the studio, which was working on a game known as Reich. “The studio opened in Nov 2007 and the previous managers had misspent the money. A slice of the game revealed a [review] rating of 5.0 instead of the desired rating of 8.5.”

Unfortunately the art director and artist who worked on these resigned from the company when Paul Steed and Exigent an outsource studio were brought in to help with management, this was a disaster Steed was a drunk and abused the employees verbally and physically he was eventually fired by Ignition. The blame falls all on the shoulder of Vijay Chadha ceo of ignition who from the start put a 24 year kid named Jeremy Stieglitz in charge of the whole studio a boy barely out of college who could not even balance his check book let alone a multi-million dollar AAA game. Stieglitz spent millions on getting employees to little s**t land Gainesville Flkorida paying thousands to fly them down for interviews and hiring no talents and giving them outlandish salaries. The biggest mistake of all was when Vijay Chadha CEO with pressure from UTV their parent company and the 60% Disney shareholders suits wanted Ignition to present a premature slice of the game ?Reich? to MICROSOFT AND SONY, the visuals werent ready nor the game play as it was all a mess. Chadha who was known to be a defender and friend to the creative spirit bent and got plugged in the ass by the Mouse.

Several other sources have already confirmed the studio’s closure, but Ingnition hasn’t sent out official confirmation just yet.