Japanese numbers: DS on top again

Media Create has calculated the figures for the week of November 1st to 7th regarding the hardware sales in Japan and the Nintendo DS has risen to the top again.


The PSP and PS3 are still going strong as well as only when counting all DS version together, Ninty’s handheld manages to keep the lead. Count them seperately and it’s the PSP at the top spot, the DSi LL (over here known as XL) in second place, and the PS3 in third.

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Overall, the PSP has only sold about 350.000 units less than the DS, but we shouldn’t forget that Nintendos handheld has managed to carve out a lead of almost 16 million units! The PSP Go on the other hand isn’t doing too great in Japan, just like over here.

Japanese hardware, January 4- November 7, 2010 (combined SKUs):

1. DS – 2,099,542
2. PSP – 1,746,763
3. PS3 – 1,193,303
4. Wii – 1,121,744
5. Xbox 360 – 177,341
6. PS2 – 71,333

Japanese hardware, November 1-7 (combined SKUs):

1. DS – 41,662
2. PSP – 37,456
3. PS3 – 23,524
4. Wii – 11,521
5. Xbox 360 – 2,686
6. PS2 – 1,460

Japanese hardware, November 1-7 (separate SKUs):

1. PSP – 34,538
2. PS3 – 23,524
3. DSi LL – 22,858
4. DSi – 16,038
5. Wii – 11,521
6. DS Lite – 2,766
7. Xbox 360 – 2,686
8. PS2 – 1,460
9. PSP go – 2,918

Last week’s figures (Oct. 25-31) (combined SKUs):

1. DS – 59,126
2. PSP – 41,905
3. PS3 – 28,255
4. Wii – 12,710
5. Xbox 360 – 2,669
6. PS2 – 1,400

PSP or DS, what do you prefer? We’re guessing the latter.