Japs get edited Call of Duty: Black Ops

Well, I guess the Germans will be happy to know they’re not the only ones getting edited versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Apparently, Square-Enix, who are handling distribution of the upcoming shooter in Japan, has decided to make some changes to the localised version in the land of the Rising Sun as well.

Today Square Enix announced that the localized Japanese version will have a few elements removed. Specifically, all swastikas in zombie mode will be replaced with the Iron Cross in the Windows and dubbed home console versions of the game. Only in the subtitled console editions will the Nazi symbol remain intact.

This announcement follows news from a few weeks earlier when Square Enix revealed that, in order to comply with prohibitions established by the CERO ratings board, all scenes of dismemberment and “expressions of brutality” in one particular interrogation scene would be removed. These cuts apply to all Japanese versions of the game.


ha ha japo’s, well if you look at the type of games they have, its no wonder. With all their anime and that.


Geplaatst op 23:01, November 03rd 2010


that really sucks!!!

on another note, not sure if you guys came across this or not, but this place is giving away 1 free copy of Black Ops for PS3 and 1 free copy for Xbox. check it out!