PS3 gamers sue EA over Battlefield 3

Several PS3 gamers seem to be quite pissed about the fact that they didn’t get a free copy of Battlefield 1953 with their purchase of Battlefield 3. As a result, some of them have decided to launch a class-action lawsuit against Electronic Arts.

At the heart of the case is not the fact EA reneged on its offer, but that it was announced so late (after people had already picked up the copy) and announced so poorly (it was only announced via Twitter, meaning many customers never saw the explanation). It also calls EA out on its shoddy “make up” deal, pointing out that offer had been made, and as such had nothing to do with compensation for the loss of Battlefield 1943.

The suit ultimately alleges that EA “misled and profited from thousands of their customers by making a promise that they could not, and never intended, to keep”.

I agree that it was all but smart from EA to first announce people would be getting a free game when buying Battlefield 3 on PS3, and then after the gaem got released changing that offer into one where people would get free DLC. As if DLC is the same as a free game…

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