Starcraft 2 Episodes years apart?

Not only will StarCraft II be split into three parts, they may well be released years apart as well!

In an interview with Joystiq, Blizzard’s Vice President of Game Design Rob Pardo stated that each different campaign may be released years after the previous.

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In a lot of ways, you should think about the follow-ups as being kind of expansion sets to the original. It’s just that the campaigns are not going to feel like expansions, they’re going to feel like full, independent stories.

So, you know with any luck, it would be like a year for each successive one, but that’s going to be a target date, that’s not a promise.

Each episode a year after the previous and that’s not even a promise. It sounds like Sin: Episodes to me! If one fails, there won’t be another!

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fuck or like the stuff they’re doing with half life. How about one complete game before you milk the franchise out of all life?


Posted on 02:58, October 14th 2008


I guess because it would take forever, and most people want SC to play it online anyway.


Posted on 04:50, October 14th 2008




Posted on 16:25, October 14th 2008