TRON Evolution voice cast announced, no Bridges

Disney Interactive has sent out a press release to announce the voice cast to Propaganda Games‘ upcoming movie tie-in Tron Evolution which is set between both TRON movies.

The big news: Jeff Bridges apparently isn’t lending his voice to the game.

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Film and TV star Olivia Wilde and the actor who portrayed the original TRON character, Bruce Boxleitner, will headline the voice cast for the upcoming video game, TRON: Evolution, in addition to appearing in the highly anticipated December film, “TRON: Legacy.” The Hollywood voice cast will star in the upcoming TRON: Evolution video games that bridge the storyline gap between the original “TRON” film and the upcoming “TRON: Legacy” film. Wilde, who plays Quorra, Kevin Flynn’s confidant in the “TRON: Legacy” film, will also star as that character in the TRON: Evolution video games.

Joining Wilde and Boxleitner as voices in the TRON: Evolution video games will be Jensen Ackles (Gibson), James Frain, John Glover (Abraxas), Nolan North (Behemoth, Sentries and Blaze), Kari Wahlgren (Radia), Robin Atkin Downes (Kalev), Terrence A. Carson (Calchas), and Fred Tatasciore (Kevin Flynn, Clu and Bosh). Diane Michelle, Yuri Lowenthal, and Laura Bailey also provide voice audio for the game.

Fred Tatasciore taking the role of flynn in the game? “Who the hell is Fred Tatasciore?” I hear you ask. Well, the guy seems to have made a career of lending his voice for videogames and animated series, as you can see here.

In other news: