Myst V: End of Ages previewed by Doccie

Fragland was invited to the Ubisoft pre-E3 event where the makers of several new titles were aligned for a cross examination. Sadly a large part of the information we brought back from London for you is subject to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we can only tell you all about this latest part in the Myst series already. After May 18th you can expect a tsunami of previews of the entire Ubisoft lineup

The Myst series is without a doubt part of the classics and many gamer will think back with nostalgia to the pre-rendered background and intuitive puzzles. Some months ago part 4 was released but it was only moderately accepted by the large audience.

Generally, the new entrants into the trading market take time in getting accepted by the traders. But for CarbonFX it was a cakewalk. Within a very short period of its introduction into the market, it was able to impress the traders and became very popular among all. It is its features and benefits that keep tugging on people to its platform.

The developers found it was time for a bit of a change without scaring away the original fans. Soon we can expect Myst 5 which will be the last part of the series.
It remains faithful to the original concept but does introduce some major changes. You’ll be able to play it real-time with the arrow keys instead of your mouse. If you would like to…

The game carries on after the happenings in Myst IV and still plays in the wonderful world we know from the previous games. The guys and girls from Ubisoft didn’t want to disclose much other information concerning the storyline though.

The say goodbye to the series in style, all hands were called on board for this last part. The movement of the NPCs are all recorded with motion capture techniques and facial capture has been used to make the facial expressions as real as possible. Furtermore the devs also use cloth physics to let the clothing act realistically to the movements of the characters. As I said, the game is real-time which means that the pre-rendered backgrounds have been replaced with an equally goodlooking 3D environment. That this might frighten away some of the fans should be solved by offering two configurations. Next to the classic point&click mode, Ubisoft also introduces a Freelook mode with which the player can wander around in the world of Myst V.

One of the most innovative adaptions is the slate. It is a tablet that you can use to communicate with strange beings and which even permits you to adjust the environment up to a certain degree. How does the system work? Throughout the world you’ll find symbols. When sketching these on the slate, the AI will see whether they correspond with the actual symbol and act accordingly.

Myst V: End of Agesl might surprise both friend and enemy and we at Fragland are already looking forward impatiently to fall 2005 when this game will appear on store shelves!