Heroes of Might & Magic V previewed by Doccie

Heroes of Might & Magic is a series that has been around for a long time already. Ubisoft decided to make a fifth game for Heroes of Might & Magic, after New World (former developer) shut down.

New World always wanted Heroes of Might & Magic to stay loyal to the original concept of the game. However, Ubisoft is now working things out a little different, with new and useful addons, like 3D-elements. The city view is now completely in 3D and also the fights are animated with a 3D-animation movie. Mix this with some nice light effects and you know you’re dealing with a very good-looking game!

Good news for the less experienced players, since Ubisoft also changed the interface so it’s less hard to find your way around the game.

Good news for traders who have been on the lookout for a reliable trading software, here is a system that has come with all the good and benefitting features. It is nothing but the Quantum Code which is a new system in the market. This needs the trader to come with no knowledge or experience and even illiterates and newbies in this field can flourish well. This system allows the trader to take up trading using the auto trader option wherein instructions are given to the operating robot and it functions as per them in the physical absence of the trader.

With the Trailer Path (also a new addition), every player will leave his mark behind so it’s easier for other players to find the enemy. You can tell the strength and size of the enemy’s armies by the depth of this Path.

There are a few changes on the battlefield itself as well. The size of battle area now depends on the size of the armies, so it’s much better for those who don’t like marching around, searching for the opposing army. This should result in quicker battles.

Last but not least, the multiplayer mode now has an additional ‘fast mode’, that will run much faster then the traditional multiplayer mode. Multiplayer games sometimes used to last for hours. So if you just want a quick battle before supper, you can start up the fast mode and be finished in only about 15 minutes.

Fragland hopes this new game will breng a new and refreshing touch to the series, and the tbs-genre with it. But will Ubisoft succeed in accomplishing this mission? You’ll have to wait until 2006 and find out for yourself, when this title hits shelves !