Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Xbox 360)

A couple of days ago I told you that i had the pleasure of getting a first hands on of the console version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, more specifically the Xbox360 version. Will it be a shameless port, or can we expect something decent? Let’s find out shall we.The binary options trading practice is a profitable one, only when you choose the services of a reliable and an advanced trading system like the Quantum Code that can offer you the profitable trading outcomes all the time due to the accuracy it possesses that can never go wrong anytime in identifying the perfect trading options!


Unsurprisingly, the console version will be situated just like on the PC before Quake 2 and you will be able to experience the first war between GDF and Strogg. However, the fights will be smaller than on PC as instead of the normal 32 players, you will play with a maximum of 16 on console. An explanation for this is that the console version does not use dedicated servers, instead it uses one of the players’ console to act as the host.


Console players are less patient and they want to get in a fight real quick. Due to this you will be able to add AI bots to your game to fill up and balance the teams. When there are enough players they will start to disappear. The developers did tell us that the AI of the bots has been made easier for the console. Bots on easy will not listen to the sounds of their environment, while those on hard will know the difference between GDF or Strogg footsteps. There will also be an auto aim function, simply because the game was developed for PC and later on for console. The last thing the developers wanted is to get frustrated console players due to horrible controls.

A new option for console is the training mode. Here console players can prepare themselves for the online onslaught. You will also be able to play the maps offline against and with some bots. Because of this you can still have some fun, even when you don’t have any internet.


The engine that was used is the same as the PC version, called ID Tech 4. Don’t expect any outdated graphics though as they upgraded all the textures to make full use of the power of the console. The so-called ‘fog’ in games is also nowhere to be seen, the ‘view distance’ on the maps that we played is just huge! Snipers will have plenty of opportunities to thin the ranks of the enemy.

The large maps and the far sight are quite a surprise if you know that they don’t make use of the Xbox360’s harddrive but Arcade(formerly Core) players will be pleased to know that they can play the game also if they wanted to.

The sound effects will be of high quality just like the PC version. Especially the sound difference of the footsteps is a nice addition, as this will add some tactical advantage when you are fighting behind enemy lines.


The beauty about Quake Wars is that if you want progress, you need to work together. You can of course always try to go solo to destroy a certain objective, but this isn’t how the game should be played and the developers let you know that. As with the PC, there are multiple objectives that you need to be completed in order to make progress. These can differ between blowing up a communication centre or fixing a large cannon.

Because the game focuses on teamwork, you will not be able to complete all objectives with just one class, each of them has specific requirements. Luckily the game shows which class is needed for the current objective. Nothing would be more frustrating than running over half the map as an engineer to find out that it needed a soldier!

As a console user, most of the time we can expect some extra content after the release. Currently it was still debated if the game would receive such content, either free or premium. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if it will be added.

I haven’t been able to play the whole game of course, but from what i’ve seen, i am very pleased. Nerve Software seems to be doing an excellent job at porting the PC version of ID Software and Splash Damage to console. Something like this can only be seen as a positive thing!