Football Manager 2011 (Pc)

There are tons of people who don’t understand what’s so much fun about a soccer management game. Admitted, there are no graphical highlights to be found, nor great sounds. But that’s not necessary either. This genre has other things going for it.

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Soccer management games like this Football Manager 2011 make it fun and challenging to book success with your favorite team, or just perform better than the present trainer. Scouting super talents all over the world and getting those rough diamonds to make it in the team, or picking a rich club and get all kinds of top talents in. Why not take over the lead of an amateur club and work your way up to the top? There are so many fun aspects in the Football Manager series and the game offers countless hours of fun. And this year’s version seems to become even more time-consuming.

Each year we get new innovations and improvements to make things even more realistic and now it’s time to uncover what’s coming.


When starting a new game you immediately notice that the layout has gotten its yearly small overhaul again. Things look tighter, everything is more practical and you get a better overview. Plenty of info is stacked together to make things more accessible for newcomers so experienced players will probably again need some time to adapt to the new interface. But that’s just a matter of time.

When creating your manager profile you’ll see the implementation of social networking sites Twitter and Youtube. Through FM2011 you can log in onto both sites with your account and exchange information about your experiences. You can update your Twitter status and even upload movies of goals that were made. After each match there’s an option to upload all goals but you can also choose to only show the most beautiful one. Let’s hope Youtube won’t go down when this game gets released.


Biggest change is no doubt the addition of player brokers. Each player has one and that brings the game to a whole different level. If you want to offer someone a (new) contract you’ll have to go through his broker. Each of those has a different character and you’ll need to take that into account when negotiating. One that’s not really patient doesn’t like long negotiations for instance. And of course each broker wants a piece of the cake for himself, something that makes the whole a lot more realistic. And more difficult.

Each competition get reviewed and the reputation of all of them – as well as of the teams – is dynamically set. It will go up or down depending on how things are going. An innovation that has been requested plenty of times and now seemingly will be a fact.


The training system also got some tampering with. To optimise the experience of each game there’s a preparation. Here you can adjust the training to get your team trained on how they need to react to certain situations. You can for instance have your team pay special attention to pre-set moves. A nice addition although it can still use some more expansion as there aren’t that many options available just yet.

Contrary to the game preparation there’s a lot more options present with the interactions. Better and more extensive interaction is present with the players. You can always get a talk with one of them and they can even request a chat with you. After a couple of hours playing you’ll of course have gone through every possible conversation but nonetheless this is a decent addition.


Finally we get some new things that are less spectacular. The 3D game viewer got reworked and has new animations and different stadiums. Not that I lay awake dreaming of such as I prefer the classic 2D version. In the tactical part a “set piece creator” has been introduced with which you can drop players in dead situations at the right spot by means of a wizard. Also here there’s room for improvement as that “right spot” can be taken lightly.

Of course the game isn’t finished yet and we only got a preview version but we certainly hope that we won’t be getting patch after patch again before things work properly.

Football Manager 2011 seems to become a decent improvement over last year’s edition with some nice additions. Especially the brokers bring the game closer to reality and I can’t wait for its release on November 5th.